Monday, August 29, 2011

Con artist Ken Ring predicts September Earthquake

New Zealand's biggest fraudster, Ken Ring is at it again.
The man who has never accurately predicted anything in
his life, but has put fear into the residents of Canterbury, has
now told the people of Christchurch that there is going to be
another large quake in Christchurch in about four weeks time.

He is our version of Fred Phelps. causing grieve and heartache to
a city on edge and he also shows no remorse.

No matter how much scientific evidence is presented to him, to
show his moon views are wrong he stands by his false predictions,
while a city waits in fear.

Mr Ring needs to stop, if he has any dignity as a scientist he would.

In fact if he has any dignity as a human being he would.

But he has already told the media that he wont.

Shame on you Ken Ring.

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