Monday, June 6, 2011

5.5 AfterShock Rattles Canterbury

Mother Nature is doing her thing, and she's
one bad mother.

ChCh had another 5.5 aftershock today, people
were at work, people were in the shower, people
were walking their dogs, and this baby hit, and
it was the strangest aftershock I have ever felt,
it seem to roll and roll and then ended with a violent

No deaths or injuries thankfully, but thoughts go to
people I know, who have just come to Christchurch,
they are away from their family, maybe at our university's,
they have slowly gotton use to these things, but how much
is too much???

Thankfully the 5.5 was a bit deeper than previous we were
having, because I don't think this city and its people could take
another one that causes injuries or worse.

Fingers crossed.

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