Sunday, June 12, 2011

Warriors Will Never Win NRL

Bad coaching, Bad kicking, Bad playmaking, Bad Choices,
Bad clock mangement, Bad team.

Any other coach in any other proffesional sporting code
will be gone if they couldn't manage their team to hold a
lead like that.


MikeySmokes said...

Rubbish, The Cowboys ran down Canberra last week by plenty after giving them a 20 point start last week and this weekend the Broncos almost coughed up a 20 point lead.
Its the nature of the competition that blowouts and comebacks occur. The Warriors are still in the 8 and playing pretty good footy, another streak and they'll be top 4

Brett Dale said...

Maybe I was a bit harsh, but would of loved to see, Clearly pull James Maloney after he missed his first three kicks, (yeah I know he got his fourth), but it would show some coaching.

MikeySmokes said...

Goal kickers rarely get hooked for missing kicks in League or rugby