Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tracy Morgan Bigot

Even in 2011 it seems it's going to be bigoted against gay
people. Yet another instance of homophobia, this time by a
stand up comedian, Tracy Morgan. In a routine he did, he
told the audience that he would stab his son if he was gay,
this is neither funny or hard hitting it's just plain sick.

Why would  a comedian or anyone  say something
like that? Surly he knew it wasn't funny or that he
wasn't making  a point?

The usual happened, he said he was sorry and he wasn't homophobic,
I beg to differ, like with Mel Gibson's remarks, his comments come
from somewhere deep in his mind.

I only hope his fellow comedians who  always to jump on any
forms of bigotry, don't come out and support him.

It's 2011 surly the height of comedy isn't making jokes about
stabbing gay people?

1 comment:

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