Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ross Taylor New Captain of the Blackcaps

Ross Taylor is the new captain of the
Blackcaps. This is good and bad for two

Bad in terms of wanting us to win in Test
matches, hes a player who would make 100% sure
that we wont lose a test, before he thinks about
winning one and that attitude can only lead to
one thing, drawn test series.

Then again, we don't have the bowlers to win
a test, let along a series.

Why this is good, is it may stop, what is called the
drinking culture in the team, players going out at
night during a test match and getting so totally drunk
they cannot stand up.

Justin Vaughan the CEO of New Zealand just hasn't got
his head in the sand, he is in fact a liar, he knows this goes
on, but he relies on a cricket media that partakes with the
team to shut up and say nothing.

If Ross can stop the drunkness, then he may be on the
first step on becoming a real captain, here's hoping for
New Zealand cricket sake he does.

Time will tell.

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