Monday, June 20, 2011

Paul the Octopus

This pussy is not psychic, he didn't really predict anything,
people got all excited that he got four in a row right, and said
he knew more than the experts, people also asked why are
we listening to these so called experts with their degrees, when
we can listen to the best pussy ever, he became famous appearing
on all sort of news shows, the bloggers went crazy.

Well I'm afraid he got lucky, it was just a matter of a stop clock being
right twice a day, sure we had a bit of a giggle, when he was making
his predictions, some even took his predictions seriously.

But hey am I too cynical, it was a bit on fun, a big pussy,
an octupussy predicting the future of games in the world cup,
its not this pussy had altered people's life's.

Oh well, hey opps I think I have posted the wrong picture for
this post, whats Ken Ring doing here?

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