Friday, June 3, 2011

Murray Deaker Uses N Word

Murray Deaker must go, he must be fired
from his broadcasting job at Sky TV and
he must not be hired by sky's competitor's.

On his Tv show on sky, Murrary said "working
like a N*****" in describing someone.

It is beyond belief that Sky's spokesman said its
a phrase used from Murray's generation.

Lets be honest this is all about ratings, if a young
Journo had use this phrase they would be gone
in an instant. 

I'm guessing NewZealand sporting Journalists will
stand by their man, and defend him, he will probably go
on Close up and say sorry or something, yet he wont
even be deducted a days pay, let alone being fired.

It's 2011, and I doubt there will be one country on
the face of the planet that would let one of their
journos use the N word.

New Zealand does though.


bobbesox said...

What a load of bollocks the younger generation have been led to believe that this is the big no-no. If any of you actually took the time to look up the Chambers dictionary, the phrase he used is quoted in there as 'to work extremely hard'. Does this mean that all the PC ninnies of this world will now attempt to get this phrase removed from the hallowed covers of such a grand tome. People like yourself should learn to spell correctly before you go slagging off others about their use of terminology. Like how do you spell deducted, or cant you use spellcheck yet. Get a life I say.

Brett Dale said...

Do you know how offensive that word is to many people.

To work hard???

Oh please.

Brett Dale said...

Thanks for the tip on the spelling.

Boganette said...

The "younger generation"? What a load of shit. Any decent person knows not to use that word. Only a racist jerk would think it was acceptable to use the N word.

You're exactly right Brett. This guy is just white trash.