Friday, June 3, 2011

Life of a Temp Worker

The life of a Temp worker is a sad one, temping assignments
can be vastly different, some your the only person and you get thrown
into either a large office where you are lost, some you are
thrown into a little office where you are used for low grade
tasks and aren't taken seriously.

Then there is the temp work that I have been used to for
around 14 years. You are thrown in  with a group of around 12
people either into an existing organisation or a task that has
to be done by a Government organisation, these tasks are
schedule to last around three to six months.

In the words of Tim from the Office, you don't know these
people, but you are thrown together to walk around on the
same bit of carpet every day for eight hours.

There is of course the Office Politics, which always leads to
trouble and its always the good people that tends to suffer,
while the people who cause the trouble get ask to stay on
and they  listened to,  its the age old  thing, it's not
 what you know, its who you know.

Then there's the thing that has always got me, you finish
an assignment, you swap emails/cell numbers/ facebook
pages, but over the months the contact become less and
less, until the people you had a connection with, just become
another memory, another part of your life that is over.

That's the thing that I  have never dealt with, I just finished another
assignment, we will stay in contact with each other for a while,
then as time passes we will stop contact all together, which is
sad, because I think back on my first assignment  14 years ago
 and I can barley remember faces, let alone names.

But that is the life of a temp worker, which I don't think I
can be part of again.

I just do blogging as a hobby, my family, friends coworkers
don't know I have a blog, this is not a career,

So I'm guessing a career change from office temp work,
who knows where I will be in six months time.

Time will tell.

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