Friday, June 10, 2011

Jason Terry Threes

There is a saying in Basketball, live by the three
and die by the three, the Mavs are certainly
living by the three's, they hit 13 of them in game
five of the NBA finals to take a 3-2 lead and
be one game away from the NBA title.

The little Frenchman Barea had his first good
game of the final and hit four of them, Jason Kidd
also hit three, but for me it was Jason Terry's three
pointers that won the game for the Mavs, all coming
at crucial times through out the match.

This series is certainly living up to all the hype, it
has been without a doubt the best final series for
20 years, what can King James and the heat do now?

Not only does he have Dirk to deal with, but a on fire
Kidd and Terry and now Berea coming into his own.

It's looking like a Dallas championship.

Roll on game six.

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Anonymous said...

JJ Barea is not french, he is Puerto Rican.Ian Mahinmi is the frenchman in the mavericks rotation.