Thursday, June 2, 2011

Internet Arguing

Privilege denying dude, pathetic dude, mansplainer, racist, sexist,
fat guy syndrome, white guy syndrome, short guy syndrome,
the china syndrome, tall guy syndrome, nice guy syndrome,
rich guy syndrome, sexist,sexist pig,  male chauvinist pig,
idiot, troll, retard, stupid, hater, redneck, inward hate,
outward hate.

Bullyboy, bullyman, wollybolly, jackass, jackoff, dumbass,
enabler, hate enabler, okay buddy boy, okay buddy man,
buddy ryan, ryan seacrest, you dont speak for them,
you dont speak for me, you dont speak, dont say that,
dont say this, chill out, you need to chill, try a chill pill,
chill out why dont ya, why dont you chill, dont write here,
dont write there, shut up.

Shut the fuck up, fuckin shut up, your a dick, your a wad,
your a dickwad, are you for real, this anit real, dont go there,
speak to the hand, tell it to the hand, talk to the hand,
no one listening, no one likes you, you time waster,
your a waste of space, you space waster, you
you dont know what I have been through,
you dont know what they have been through, if you been
through what they have been through, dont go through there,
your repugant, your repulsive, you disgust me.

Climb into that hole that you have came from,
you deserve this, you think you dont deserve this,
you dont understand, you dont get it, you will never get it,
are you getting it  , dont be funny, your not funny,
is that suppose to be funny,that anit funny, dont judge,
your judgemental, you have gone too far,
why dont go far far away, go away.

Go off, go dog go, moron, moran, mornic loser, sore loser,
your a loser, your a loser so why dont you kill me now,
thats what we say, thats  what this blog says,
thats what she said, dont question what she said,
shes an atheists, she a muslim, she a hindu , shes a vegan,
shes a vegen, shes a buddist, shes a woman, shes every woman,
shes sun and rain, and fire and ice, she takes no shit.

She takes no crap, she is not a taker, dont scream, dont yell,
you dont  know what i do,  you dont  know the rules,
your anti peace, your anti hope, up the anti,
what makes that little ant, dont talk about ants, what ants,
adam ant, that tiny ant, you cant make cant with out ant,
dont you dear say cunt, say vagina, oh vagina, oh vagina,
oh vagina town, you dont have one, but you are one.

Your not that guy, your the other guy,guy smiley, guy jackson,
i do what i like, dont tell me what I like, I like rainbows,
I like pancakes, hmmmmm cake.

Insults, catchphrases,  name calling on the internet,  stupidity,
nonsensical rambling, being a smartass, meanness, swearing
on the internet.
Anit that funny, one after the after.

But people deserve it though?

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