Friday, June 10, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki MVP

Dirk Nowitzki has to be MVP of the final series, even
if the Mavs lose. He is the reason they are 3-2 ahead in
the NBA Finals.

It may seem like a crazy call,  when the finals aren't won
yet, James LeBron may play a blinder in game six to send it
to seven, and then play the game of his life to give the title to
the Heat, but it's Dirk that deserves this, and I'm guessing we
won't need a game seven.

His fade away is the best I have ever seen in all my years of
following Basketball, his effort in game with a 102 Fever, the
way he has lifted all in his team, this is what every little kid
who loves Basketball dreams about and he sure is living the

Whenever Dallas has needed him, he has answered the call, when
ever the team needed a pep talk, he's been there, it's not just his
stats thru the first five games, it's the fact that he has owned the

Sometimes Destiny doesn't get fullfilled, but fingers crossed that
this will be on those times that it does.

Bring on game six.

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