Friday, June 3, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki Leads Mavs To Comeback

Dirk Nowitzki has lead the Mavs to one of the most stunning
comebacks in NBA finals history.

For over three quaters, the Heat were too hot, they were hitting
fade away jumpers from impossible positions, they were banging
in threes, and they were dunking, like no one has ever dunk before.

The Heat were in total control, up by 15 with around seven minutes
left, that's where the Mavs started to chip away, slowly but surly,
and it was the big German, that hit he most important three pointer
of his career to give Dallas the lead, and with only 3.6 seconds
left he got the most important lay up of his career, to tie the series,

Biggest comeback since 1992, and Dirk remained cool throughout.
The series now moves to Dallas and the Heat who were hot
favourites, now must be worry.

If game three is anywhere close to what game two was, we could
have a barnburner of a series.

Time will tell.

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