Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki Deserves to be MVP

Has there ever been  a player  who deserved to be
 MVP of the NBA as much as the great Dirk Nowitzki?

His leadership, his shooting, his ability to use the top two
inches of his body, saw Dallas win the NBA finals against
the star studded heat.

From his layup in game two, to his game four heroics with
a 102 fever, leading his team back from being 15 points
down with only seven minutes left.

His fadeaway jump shot which will now be practised by
every basketball boy and girl around the school yards of
the planet, Dirk showed Class, he showed passion and he
showed pride, and most of all he delivered a championship.

A class act all the way, well done to him and the Mavs for
giving the sporting world, the best NBA finals series for
twenty years and one of the best ever!
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