Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clare Curran kicked out of Parliament

Labour MP, Clare Curran has been  kicked out of Parliament,
for not meeting dress codes.

She was taking a stance on her favourite sport's team
changing colours by wearing her Otago's team old uniform.

Unfortunately she was using the wrong venue for
 this, seriously if your place of work had a dress
 code and you turned up in a sports shirt, you would
 be sent home, why should we expect any less from
our MP's.

This is nothing to do with human rights, this has
nothing to do with left or right, it has nothing to do
with gender, it's to do with keeping up the
standard of dress our Representatives have when  they
are making our laws.

You also would of think Clare Curran would have more
on her mind than the colour of her sports team shirt.

I'm guessing some MP's will try and make a point next
time Parliament sits.

Here's hoping  though they will actually do the job that
they are paid to do.

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