Saturday, June 11, 2011

Christchurch Quake Drum

After nine months of Earthquakes, feeling over
500 of the 1000's that we have had, I finally
figured out how to read a quake drum, thanks to
a poster on a facebook page.

The more scientific information the better as far as
I'm concerned to deal with the daily aftershocks. 

My advice to anyone who is shaking with these
aftershocks, is don't listen to the moon man, don't
listen to Haarp, don't listen to conmen who think
they can predict these things, don't listen to certain
religious groups who blame God and/or gay people
for earthquakes.

Listen to the guys and girls with PHD's. Listen to the
Geo Scientists, listen to the brainy people, because
once you get more knowledge of these things, it
will lead to a better understanding.

Too bad the media love to give attention to
the wackos out there.

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