Saturday, June 4, 2011

All Whites Versus Socceroos

The All Whites will play the Socceroos in a friendly
football match over in Australia on Sunday. It may
be classed as a friendly, but this match is more riding
on it than most.

The All Whites have come off a thrasing at the hands of the
much skilled Mexican team, while the Aussie players are all
trying to cement  a play in their national squad with a eye on
Brazil in 2014.

New Zealand seem to be a team that loves to draw matches,
with the odd loss thrown in for goog measure.

They now  have to prove to FIFA, the New Zealand public and
the media that they can foot it, and they deserve to be on the stage
that is international football.

Moss will want to take the number spot from Paston for good, and
if he plays a blinder that just might happen, but if he lets in
three goals again,  well that could be his career.

So much for this being a friendly international.

Lets hope an upset is on the cards!!!


Anonymous said...

Football match? It's a soccer match. (Here's a clue for you, my friend: note the nickname of the Australian team.)

Brett Dale said...

Im guessing your Breen again.