Monday, June 6, 2011

Air New Zealand One Hour Sale Fails

Air New Zealand has failed big time and in the public
eyes thier marketing team is like their mascot, a bunch
of Muppets.

Trying to cash on the new wave of marketing, ANZ tried
a gimmick, they advertised for a few days on Facebook,
a special deal, that they wouldnt annouced until 7pm Monday,
 it was one flight, one hour, one destination, the public was
abuzz, where would it be, America, England, Fiji and how much.

Well it came 7pm Monday and not only did Air New Zealand's
Facebook sight crash, but when it was finally put back up,
this deal that was suppose to have kiwis buzzing, floped.

You see $200 bucks off, to go to Australia in Winter is not good,
and of course the discount was only on the first leg, I guess they
thought people wouldn't want to come back.

So here's a lesson for the marketing folks over at ANZ, the key is
to offer small, but deliver more.

Just like life.


ARC™ said...

wasted my time. I thought there were many deals going on, with many places to go to

guess Ill be spending my sem break in chilly windy Wellington

Brett Dale said...

It was a shame really, lots of people got their hopes up.