Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goodbye till late August

This will be my last blog post till about August 28th,
earthquakes and volcano permitting.

Have fun, I hope I do too.

Seeya in about two months.

Lance Hohaia fumbles again

Lance Hohaia has cost the Warriors another match, and maybe
a shot at the playoffs, why oh why does Clearly persist in making
him the fullback. Surly someone esle can take his play if Locke
can't play.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

HONE HARAWIRA wins by Election

The racist has won, I guess the people of
Te Tai Tokerau dont care about racism.

Dirk Sings We are the Champions

Start Spreading the News

New York has legalize same sex marriage.

In what has to be one of the great days in human rights
history and probably the greatest day in gay rights history,
New York has shown the courage, in which I hope the
rest of the world will follow.

Well done to the lawmakers who made this happen.

Hats off to all!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fuck you Tower Insurance

Tower Insurance has found a loophole on the house,
that although the house is in in the red zone, and the
 house will be demolished, they will only pay to repair
 the home, although their will be no home too repair,
had not had the second assessement done, so they say,
that the home is repairable.

I kinda guess an insurance company would find a

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where's my White Privilege?

Hi, where is my white privilege? I don't think
I have any.

Too say racism or sexism doesn't exist is beyond belief.
Of course it still exists, in every day life, in the work
place, or in the street, sitting on a  airplane, getting
served in a Restaurant, getting funny looks because of
your race/gender/sexuality is disgusting.

Basically  to be judge by what you are, and  not who you are
is wrong.

Saying white privilege doesn't exist is also wrong, but
saying every white person has some sort of white privilege
is not cemented in reality.

I did a post a few blogs back, one titled "Why is it always
that guy?" and the other post was titled,  "The other guy"

Some white guys don't have white privilege, (not that
you would want it) if you short, fat, balding, unattractive,
you don't have white privilege.

Case in point, two white people ahead of me in
line at a chemist, one was coughing and spluttering
away, it was the middle of winter, this 30 something
guy  got stopped when buying Panadol.

They asked him for some photo ID, the name of his G.P
and various other questions, he was asked if he was using
it for P, he said no, he gave them his details and  he was sold
only one packet,  he looked like Danny Devito.

The guy behind him also bought pandol, he was
in his 20's I guess, he didn't get asked for I.D, he didn't get
ask any  questions, he got good service.

He was good looking and smooth.

Many incidents like that, are a case of "that guy" syndrome
and not "white privilege syndrome"

If your good looking, your are going to get better service
than someone who isn't.

Go to your local mall, take a look at the short fat guys, the
balding guys, the geeky guys, see how society treats them
compare to the good looking guys, nothing to do with white
privilege, but a bias.

About ten years ago, two clinical psychologists  did this test, they
got two men, both white, one six foot two, one five foot two,
they dressed them up in the sam looking outfit, and asked woman in
the street, what they thought their jobs were.

For the guy who was six foot two, the replies were, "He's a lawyer",
"Hes a stock broker" "He's a CEO" "He's a millionaire"

For the guy who was five foot two, the answers were "He's on
the dole", "He's off to see his parole officer", "He's a kitchen hand",
"He's on Minimum wage"

I don't think that guy has any sort of white privilege.

My point is, yes white privilege exists, but not all
white guys have it, and some white guys suffer from different
types of prejudices also.

Just something to think about.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ross Taylor New Captain of the Blackcaps

Ross Taylor is the new captain of the
Blackcaps. This is good and bad for two

Bad in terms of wanting us to win in Test
matches, hes a player who would make 100% sure
that we wont lose a test, before he thinks about
winning one and that attitude can only lead to
one thing, drawn test series.

Then again, we don't have the bowlers to win
a test, let along a series.

Why this is good, is it may stop, what is called the
drinking culture in the team, players going out at
night during a test match and getting so totally drunk
they cannot stand up.

Justin Vaughan the CEO of New Zealand just hasn't got
his head in the sand, he is in fact a liar, he knows this goes
on, but he relies on a cricket media that partakes with the
team to shut up and say nothing.

If Ross can stop the drunkness, then he may be on the
first step on becoming a real captain, here's hoping for
New Zealand cricket sake he does.

Time will tell.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Paul the Octopus

This pussy is not psychic, he didn't really predict anything,
people got all excited that he got four in a row right, and said
he knew more than the experts, people also asked why are
we listening to these so called experts with their degrees, when
we can listen to the best pussy ever, he became famous appearing
on all sort of news shows, the bloggers went crazy.

Well I'm afraid he got lucky, it was just a matter of a stop clock being
right twice a day, sure we had a bit of a giggle, when he was making
his predictions, some even took his predictions seriously.

But hey am I too cynical, it was a bit on fun, a big pussy,
an octupussy predicting the future of games in the world cup,
its not this pussy had altered people's life's.

Oh well, hey opps I think I have posted the wrong picture for
this post, whats Ken Ring doing here?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki MVP of Basketball

The NBA, sport writers, players, coaches, fans and 91% of

people on this blog agree that Dirk Nowitzki is the MVP
of the NBA finals.

I would go one step further and say hes the MVP of Basketball.
His class on and off the court, his commitment, his worth ethic,
hes the allround sports person and with Germany trying to make
the Olympics in 2012 they have an all round winner.

Hats off to the big man for giving us a heck of a series, and lets
wish him well for next season and also the Olympics, I can only
hope he has an off game against New Zealand, unfortunately for
us kiwis, Dirk never has an off game.

Time will tell.

Tall Ferns lose by Five

In what would of been, the sporting acehivement
of the year, the New Zealand Woman's basketball
team just failed to pip powerhosue Australia, losing

For years Brendan Telfer, Joseph Romanos and the
New Zealand sporting media have been spewing forth
their BS, about how great our Netballers and are and
our huge Netball is in Australia.

Well that may help their cause, but anyone who follows
womans international sport, will know what an amazing
basketball team the Australians are, and for the Tall
Ferns to come so close to creating history, well it's
worth applauding.

Im kinda guessing though, even if we had of won,
it would of been pushed to the backburner, because
in the New Zealand media you cant have a woman's
team sport that is in the spot light that isnt Netball.

Roll on  the Brazilian match.

Ron Paul Gay Slur

Ron Paul is the front runner to be the Republican
Nomination in 2012 for the U.S Presidential election.
His tax policy is discussed all  over the world, the pro's
and con's, he will be up against President Obama, a man
who is respected thru out the world.

 The big turning point in the Election could be "Bruno" and
the word that Ron Paul called him in the movie "Bruno"

Sacha Baron Cohen, had set up the scene, to get Ron's
reaction if a man came on to him.

When this happened, Ron Paul walked out of the interview,
but then said something that could cost him the 2012 election,
he shouted the word "Queer" repeatedly and told his P.A to
keep the "Queer" away from him.

He could of came across well, if he just walked out, commented
on the practical joke played on him, and left it as that. Instead
he went the homophobic route.

If he doesn't win the election in 2012, this could be a major
reason why, and  that would be historical that one word in a
movie  cost someone the most important job in the

Time will tell.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Riot Kiss

I'm calling it, this is a set up, its not a natural act of passion.
During the Riots that followed the Canucks loss to the
Bruins, the world went crazy for a couple involved in
a passionate embrace it has now been revealed that
it was an Australian man Scott Jones, 29, kisses his
Canadian girlfriend, Alex Thomas.

I agree that they area  couple, but I think it was a set up,
between them and the photographer, I think that this guy
thought it would make a cool shot, to have a couple kissing
during a riot, and he approached this young couple and
ask them to do it.

Its just too perfect, the shot is too clear, and looks too
good to be real, so I'm calling shenanigans.

Or am i too cynical.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Muntstones

I didnt make this video, but it bought a smile to my
face in these horrible times, if your the owner of
this and dont want this on my blog, let me know.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chilean Volcano

Hope this isn't threatening lifes in Chile, it seems
my overseas trip may be threatened, so also seems
Im stuck in an earthquake ridden city, liquefaction
ridden house, but Im still alive!!! :-)

Interesting Blog Piece about Sporting Scandels

I didnt write it, but here is a link.

Dirk Nowitzki Deserves to be MVP

Has there ever been  a player  who deserved to be
 MVP of the NBA as much as the great Dirk Nowitzki?

His leadership, his shooting, his ability to use the top two
inches of his body, saw Dallas win the NBA finals against
the star studded heat.

From his layup in game two, to his game four heroics with
a 102 fever, leading his team back from being 15 points
down with only seven minutes left.

His fadeaway jump shot which will now be practised by
every basketball boy and girl around the school yards of
the planet, Dirk showed Class, he showed passion and he
showed pride, and most of all he delivered a championship.

A class act all the way, well done to him and the Mavs for
giving the sporting world, the best NBA finals series for
twenty years and one of the best ever!
finals as

Liquefaction for sale

Good for what alies ya, better than Grandma's chicken soup.
This didnt come up in the 5.5 earthquake, but the 6.3 that happen
around and hour and a half later.

Monday, June 13, 2011

5.5 Earthquake

That was awful, I hope everybody is safe, thoughts and
wishes to us all in Christchurch.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alstrom Syndrome International

Hello, I have copied and paste this post from the
following website. Please visit this website to learn
and help with a cure for this disease.

The mission of Alstrom Syndrome International (ASI) is:
To provide support, information, and coordination world
-wide to families and professionals in order to treat and
cure Alstrom Syndrome. Alstrom Syndrome is a rare
genetic disorder that affects children from birth. They
 will become blind, hearing impaired, and suffer from
 diabetes as well as enduring multiple organ failure,
including the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Alstrom Syndrome affects children of all nationalities and ethnicities.
There is no cure yet for Alstrom Syndrome, so physicians
and researchers are working to better understand the
complexities of how the "Alstrom gene" works, and
 to develop better treatments for the multitude of problems
 faced by children with this syndrome. The main program
areas of Alstrom Syndrome International are Research,
 Education, and Family Support. Through its extensive
 contact with families, physicians, and researchers,
 ASI is building a solid core of knowledge and understanding
 about Alstrom Syndrome.

One of the main goals of ASI is to promote, encourage,
and contribute to medical research for better treatments
 and therapies, while remaining focused on an eventua
l cure for Alstrom Syndrome. International Conferences
make it possible for families, care givers, and professionals
 to hear current information on Alstrom Syndrome presented
 by experts on the Syndrome. They offer a unique setting for
 mutual sharing and support. Conferences provide families
 with individual consultation, workshops, and countless
 opportunities to meet and socialize with others, including
 professionals. Each conference incorporates a "research
clinic" where data is collected that can be shared with
 professionals around the world. The ASI Scientific
Advisory Board ,a caring group of specialists, is 'on-call'
to offer help regarding health, development, and education
issues. Contacting the foundation office can access these
 professionals. Educational materials focus on pertinent
 issues and concerns related to Alstrom Syndrome.

The Family Packet includes information on such matters as the
 complex clinical features of Alstrom Syndrome, what is
 known about the ALMS1 gene, and provides a compilation
of medical information on Alstrom Syndrome.

Warriors Will Never Win NRL

Bad coaching, Bad kicking, Bad playmaking, Bad Choices,
Bad clock mangement, Bad team.

Any other coach in any other proffesional sporting code
will be gone if they couldn't manage their team to hold a
lead like that.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anthony Weiner and a 17 year old girl

So a 17 year old girl has  added Anthony
Weiner to her twitter, this would normally
not be news, but since Anthony had sent
pictures of himself nude to other females,
this could be an issue.

Well my plea to Fox News and other media
would be, don't wreck an 17 year old girl's
life to take down a politician.

It would appear that he didn't sent anything to
this minor, so i hope the media wont harass her,
question her school mates, ask to see her emails,
or follow her around, this is pretty sick, give the girl
who privacy.

It will be the first for the media if they did.

Christchurch Quake Drum

After nine months of Earthquakes, feeling over
500 of the 1000's that we have had, I finally
figured out how to read a quake drum, thanks to
a poster on a facebook page.

The more scientific information the better as far as
I'm concerned to deal with the daily aftershocks. 

My advice to anyone who is shaking with these
aftershocks, is don't listen to the moon man, don't
listen to Haarp, don't listen to conmen who think
they can predict these things, don't listen to certain
religious groups who blame God and/or gay people
for earthquakes.

Listen to the guys and girls with PHD's. Listen to the
Geo Scientists, listen to the brainy people, because
once you get more knowledge of these things, it
will lead to a better understanding.

Too bad the media love to give attention to
the wackos out there.

Murray Deaker N Word

I'm so glad the public isn't supporting Murray
Deaker and his little rant, he is still on air though,
and sporting stars are still talking to him.

Poll after Poll on facebook, in the mainstream media
all agree that this racist should be fired.

Even the Poll I put on this little blog, over 75% of
people beleive he has to be fired. Again like I said
in my previous post, his comments don't belong in
any generation and he doesn't belong in the
television/print/radio media.

Time has come for Murray Deaker to do the decent
thing and time has come for the head of sky sport,
Tony O'Brien to dom the decent thing.

But I anit holding my breath.

Tracy Morgan Bigot

Even in 2011 it seems it's going to be bigoted against gay
people. Yet another instance of homophobia, this time by a
stand up comedian, Tracy Morgan. In a routine he did, he
told the audience that he would stab his son if he was gay,
this is neither funny or hard hitting it's just plain sick.

Why would  a comedian or anyone  say something
like that? Surly he knew it wasn't funny or that he
wasn't making  a point?

The usual happened, he said he was sorry and he wasn't homophobic,
I beg to differ, like with Mel Gibson's remarks, his comments come
from somewhere deep in his mind.

I only hope his fellow comedians who  always to jump on any
forms of bigotry, don't come out and support him.

It's 2011 surly the height of comedy isn't making jokes about
stabbing gay people?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fiji Attacks New Zealand

Fiji Attacks New Zealand was the headline from stuff's
web page on June 10th 2011. This is the worst type
of Journalism there is.

Thoughts must of gone thru reader's heads that the Island
Nation of Fiji has launched a miltary attack on New

This of course isn't the case, the miltary of Fiji is just unhappy
with our support of Tonga over certain  issues. What the heck
is wrong with fairfax media??? Did they really need a headline
like that on their web page so get readers?

I guess they are now the front runners, for the most misleading
headline in the New Zealand Net Awards.

Dirk Nowitzki MVP

Dirk Nowitzki has to be MVP of the final series, even
if the Mavs lose. He is the reason they are 3-2 ahead in
the NBA Finals.

It may seem like a crazy call,  when the finals aren't won
yet, James LeBron may play a blinder in game six to send it
to seven, and then play the game of his life to give the title to
the Heat, but it's Dirk that deserves this, and I'm guessing we
won't need a game seven.

His fade away is the best I have ever seen in all my years of
following Basketball, his effort in game with a 102 Fever, the
way he has lifted all in his team, this is what every little kid
who loves Basketball dreams about and he sure is living the

Whenever Dallas has needed him, he has answered the call, when
ever the team needed a pep talk, he's been there, it's not just his
stats thru the first five games, it's the fact that he has owned the

Sometimes Destiny doesn't get fullfilled, but fingers crossed that
this will be on those times that it does.

Bring on game six.

Jason Terry Threes

There is a saying in Basketball, live by the three
and die by the three, the Mavs are certainly
living by the three's, they hit 13 of them in game
five of the NBA finals to take a 3-2 lead and
be one game away from the NBA title.

The little Frenchman Barea had his first good
game of the final and hit four of them, Jason Kidd
also hit three, but for me it was Jason Terry's three
pointers that won the game for the Mavs, all coming
at crucial times through out the match.

This series is certainly living up to all the hype, it
has been without a doubt the best final series for
20 years, what can King James and the heat do now?

Not only does he have Dirk to deal with, but a on fire
Kidd and Terry and now Berea coming into his own.

It's looking like a Dallas championship.

Roll on game six.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Have Blogger's Block

I have Blogger's block, I wanted to write something
tonight, but I'm blank, I'm totally out of  any ideas, so
I have nothing, nothing at all, I was going to write about
Cinderella syndrome, any syndrome, but I'm blank, I
cant any think of anything witty or funny about having
writer's blog, not that this blog is either witting or funny,
so I am done for the night, hopefully Dirk will provide
me with something tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki Fever

The whole Basketball world has caught Dirk Nowitzki

This big German once again had a stunning fourth quater to
lead his team to a 86-83 win over the heat.

In what has to be one of the remarkable performances in
sports history, he did this with a fever of 102.

What can one say about the man, all the talk going into
this series was about LeBron winning his first ring, well
I'm afraid you don't win nba rings by scoring  just eight
points and not lifting your other players.

This series is turning into one of the greats, tied at 2-2,
with three of the games being decided by the last second shots,
(the Heat missed one today) and with at least two more games
to go, Basketball fans are in heaven.

Here's hoping a certain German will have something on his
finger by the end of it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clare Curran kicked out of Parliament

Labour MP, Clare Curran has been  kicked out of Parliament,
for not meeting dress codes.

She was taking a stance on her favourite sport's team
changing colours by wearing her Otago's team old uniform.

Unfortunately she was using the wrong venue for
 this, seriously if your place of work had a dress
 code and you turned up in a sports shirt, you would
 be sent home, why should we expect any less from
our MP's.

This is nothing to do with human rights, this has
nothing to do with left or right, it has nothing to do
with gender, it's to do with keeping up the
standard of dress our Representatives have when  they
are making our laws.

You also would of think Clare Curran would have more
on her mind than the colour of her sports team shirt.

I'm guessing some MP's will try and make a point next
time Parliament sits.

Here's hoping  though they will actually do the job that
they are paid to do.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Air New Zealand One Hour Sale Fails

Air New Zealand has failed big time and in the public
eyes thier marketing team is like their mascot, a bunch
of Muppets.

Trying to cash on the new wave of marketing, ANZ tried
a gimmick, they advertised for a few days on Facebook,
a special deal, that they wouldnt annouced until 7pm Monday,
 it was one flight, one hour, one destination, the public was
abuzz, where would it be, America, England, Fiji and how much.

Well it came 7pm Monday and not only did Air New Zealand's
Facebook sight crash, but when it was finally put back up,
this deal that was suppose to have kiwis buzzing, floped.

You see $200 bucks off, to go to Australia in Winter is not good,
and of course the discount was only on the first leg, I guess they
thought people wouldn't want to come back.

So here's a lesson for the marketing folks over at ANZ, the key is
to offer small, but deliver more.

Just like life.

5.5 AfterShock Rattles Canterbury

Mother Nature is doing her thing, and she's
one bad mother.

ChCh had another 5.5 aftershock today, people
were at work, people were in the shower, people
were walking their dogs, and this baby hit, and
it was the strangest aftershock I have ever felt,
it seem to roll and roll and then ended with a violent

No deaths or injuries thankfully, but thoughts go to
people I know, who have just come to Christchurch,
they are away from their family, maybe at our university's,
they have slowly gotton use to these things, but how much
is too much???

Thankfully the 5.5 was a bit deeper than previous we were
having, because I don't think this city and its people could take
another one that causes injuries or worse.

Fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

All Whites Versus Socceroos

The All Whites will play the Socceroos in a friendly
football match over in Australia on Sunday. It may
be classed as a friendly, but this match is more riding
on it than most.

The All Whites have come off a thrasing at the hands of the
much skilled Mexican team, while the Aussie players are all
trying to cement  a play in their national squad with a eye on
Brazil in 2014.

New Zealand seem to be a team that loves to draw matches,
with the odd loss thrown in for goog measure.

They now  have to prove to FIFA, the New Zealand public and
the media that they can foot it, and they deserve to be on the stage
that is international football.

Moss will want to take the number spot from Paston for good, and
if he plays a blinder that just might happen, but if he lets in
three goals again,  well that could be his career.

So much for this being a friendly international.

Lets hope an upset is on the cards!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Life of a Temp Worker

The life of a Temp worker is a sad one, temping assignments
can be vastly different, some your the only person and you get thrown
into either a large office where you are lost, some you are
thrown into a little office where you are used for low grade
tasks and aren't taken seriously.

Then there is the temp work that I have been used to for
around 14 years. You are thrown in  with a group of around 12
people either into an existing organisation or a task that has
to be done by a Government organisation, these tasks are
schedule to last around three to six months.

In the words of Tim from the Office, you don't know these
people, but you are thrown together to walk around on the
same bit of carpet every day for eight hours.

There is of course the Office Politics, which always leads to
trouble and its always the good people that tends to suffer,
while the people who cause the trouble get ask to stay on
and they  listened to,  its the age old  thing, it's not
 what you know, its who you know.

Then there's the thing that has always got me, you finish
an assignment, you swap emails/cell numbers/ facebook
pages, but over the months the contact become less and
less, until the people you had a connection with, just become
another memory, another part of your life that is over.

That's the thing that I  have never dealt with, I just finished another
assignment, we will stay in contact with each other for a while,
then as time passes we will stop contact all together, which is
sad, because I think back on my first assignment  14 years ago
 and I can barley remember faces, let alone names.

But that is the life of a temp worker, which I don't think I
can be part of again.

I just do blogging as a hobby, my family, friends coworkers
don't know I have a blog, this is not a career,

So I'm guessing a career change from office temp work,
who knows where I will be in six months time.

Time will tell.

Murray Deaker Uses N Word

Murray Deaker must go, he must be fired
from his broadcasting job at Sky TV and
he must not be hired by sky's competitor's.

On his Tv show on sky, Murrary said "working
like a N*****" in describing someone.

It is beyond belief that Sky's spokesman said its
a phrase used from Murray's generation.

Lets be honest this is all about ratings, if a young
Journo had use this phrase they would be gone
in an instant. 

I'm guessing NewZealand sporting Journalists will
stand by their man, and defend him, he will probably go
on Close up and say sorry or something, yet he wont
even be deducted a days pay, let alone being fired.

It's 2011, and I doubt there will be one country on
the face of the planet that would let one of their
journos use the N word.

New Zealand does though.

Dirk Nowitzki Leads Mavs To Comeback

Dirk Nowitzki has lead the Mavs to one of the most stunning
comebacks in NBA finals history.

For over three quaters, the Heat were too hot, they were hitting
fade away jumpers from impossible positions, they were banging
in threes, and they were dunking, like no one has ever dunk before.

The Heat were in total control, up by 15 with around seven minutes
left, that's where the Mavs started to chip away, slowly but surly,
and it was the big German, that hit he most important three pointer
of his career to give Dallas the lead, and with only 3.6 seconds
left he got the most important lay up of his career, to tie the series,

Biggest comeback since 1992, and Dirk remained cool throughout.
The series now moves to Dallas and the Heat who were hot
favourites, now must be worry.

If game three is anywhere close to what game two was, we could
have a barnburner of a series.

Time will tell.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Internet Arguing

Privilege denying dude, pathetic dude, mansplainer, racist, sexist,
fat guy syndrome, white guy syndrome, short guy syndrome,
the china syndrome, tall guy syndrome, nice guy syndrome,
rich guy syndrome, sexist,sexist pig,  male chauvinist pig,
idiot, troll, retard, stupid, hater, redneck, inward hate,
outward hate.

Bullyboy, bullyman, wollybolly, jackass, jackoff, dumbass,
enabler, hate enabler, okay buddy boy, okay buddy man,
buddy ryan, ryan seacrest, you dont speak for them,
you dont speak for me, you dont speak, dont say that,
dont say this, chill out, you need to chill, try a chill pill,
chill out why dont ya, why dont you chill, dont write here,
dont write there, shut up.

Shut the fuck up, fuckin shut up, your a dick, your a wad,
your a dickwad, are you for real, this anit real, dont go there,
speak to the hand, tell it to the hand, talk to the hand,
no one listening, no one likes you, you time waster,
your a waste of space, you space waster, you
you dont know what I have been through,
you dont know what they have been through, if you been
through what they have been through, dont go through there,
your repugant, your repulsive, you disgust me.

Climb into that hole that you have came from,
you deserve this, you think you dont deserve this,
you dont understand, you dont get it, you will never get it,
are you getting it  , dont be funny, your not funny,
is that suppose to be funny,that anit funny, dont judge,
your judgemental, you have gone too far,
why dont go far far away, go away.

Go off, go dog go, moron, moran, mornic loser, sore loser,
your a loser, your a loser so why dont you kill me now,
thats what we say, thats  what this blog says,
thats what she said, dont question what she said,
shes an atheists, she a muslim, she a hindu , shes a vegan,
shes a vegen, shes a buddist, shes a woman, shes every woman,
shes sun and rain, and fire and ice, she takes no shit.

She takes no crap, she is not a taker, dont scream, dont yell,
you dont  know what i do,  you dont  know the rules,
your anti peace, your anti hope, up the anti,
what makes that little ant, dont talk about ants, what ants,
adam ant, that tiny ant, you cant make cant with out ant,
dont you dear say cunt, say vagina, oh vagina, oh vagina,
oh vagina town, you dont have one, but you are one.

Your not that guy, your the other guy,guy smiley, guy jackson,
i do what i like, dont tell me what I like, I like rainbows,
I like pancakes, hmmmmm cake.

Insults, catchphrases,  name calling on the internet,  stupidity,
nonsensical rambling, being a smartass, meanness, swearing
on the internet.
Anit that funny, one after the after.

But people deserve it though?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chris Colfer

No one does sad like Chris Colfer.

Has their even been a young actor that
can show sadness like the great Chris
Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel from Glee?

I don't think there is, sure there are actors who
can on cue, there are actors who can go from
happy to sad in a instant, but I have never seen
an actor show deep hurt like Chris.

In scenes when he is not crying, it looks like he
has been for weeks, he acts with his eyes,there
was no makeup, he may have been in the back
ground, but he stole the scene.

The 21 year old was recently on Piers Morgan
show on CNN, talking about politicians who
want to shake his hand, but will then go away
and vote against his lifestyle.

The intelligence level of this young man is through
the roof, we need more young actors like Chris
on TV and we need less of the reality show type young

Hats off to him, may he enjoy a long long career.

He deserves it.

Heat Win Game One

Miami Heat win game one, 92-84, thanks to King
James who scored 24 points and took six

The game seesawed with Dallas Nowitzki
being very quiet until a period late in the
first half, where he scored seven points in
a short span of time.

The turning point in the game had to be with
LeBron James hitting a three pointer right on
the close of the thrid quater, that changed moument
got the crowd exicted and broke the hearts of

If the Mavs can start rebounding, I still say they
will take the series, but thats a big if.

Time will tell.