Sunday, May 8, 2011

Working On My Most Important Blog Piece

Well it's important to me, the thought
has been going through my head again
and again and I'm guessing will go through
my head again.

The blog piece will be written probably on Sunday
the 15th May New Zealand time, it's not powerful,
it has no overpowering message, it's just a thought
that has gone through my head most my life I guess.

There will probably be other blog posts written in
the mean time, but this one I just cant get out of
my head, and it's simple really, the idea came to
me watching one of James Spader's speeches
from a  Boston legal clip on the web  and also going
to a friend's facebook page and seeing one of their friends.

Anyway, I better get thinking because I want to
do it right.

Time will tell.

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