Monday, May 9, 2011

Why do angry people think they are right?

It may be angry people on a reality TV show, angry people
in a restaurant, angry people at work, angry people in a
social situation, angry protesters, angry politicians why
do people who get very angry and abusive in their views
think they are right.

Why do they think just because they are showing angry or
spouting off a few expletives that their point of view is right.

A blogger for the Washington Post got it right, he mentioned
the people in his office, the ones who yell and scream and
say "they take no sh*t from nobody" are ones who are actually
giving it out and are the problem.

I'm not writing this post because of a work related Issue, I'm
just flawed that the bullies of this world will always play the
victim and always think that they are right and their behaviour
is okay, when it isn't.

Yet no one calls them out on it?

Strange huh!

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Bob said...

i so agree with u