Thursday, May 5, 2011

What are some people Thinking?

Most the world's politician's have rightly congratulated
the Navy Seals and the USA for taking out Bin Laden the
world's most wanted terrorist and a man responsible for
the deaths of thousands thru numerous terror attacks.

It's quite sad though, that some people are so venomous
in their hatred for the USA, that they are celebrating the
life of Bin laden saying he was a freedom fighter.

One such politician here in NewZealand, says we
should celebrated his achievements, are people that
deeply trenched in their own ideology that  they
would celebrate a murderer's life, and not
the fact that thousands of people will be
thinking of their love ones who were killed because
of this man.

Why oh why, also does this politician's supporters
agree with him, aren't they able to think for themselves?, could
he just about come out and say anything and
because hes on the same spectrum in some
of his views they will support him.

No matter what Race, Gender, Religion, or no
matter where you stand politically, when a
terrorist who caused the deaths of thousands, when
a man who has caused thousands of families to
grieve, when a man who has made so many people
suffered is killed, you don't celebrated him and
say he achieved a lot, in all honesty you must be pretty
fucked up to do that.

It would seem there are still people like that in
NewZealand though.

Here's hoping this politican will be
voted out.

Time will tell.

1 comment:

Caleb said...

I think its good that someone like that has been removed from his position of power but its not like someone else is not going to just take his place,

I don't think we should celebrate death at all though, in the case of 9/11 or of Bin'Laden.