Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wellington Phoenix to move to Auckland?

Say it anit so!

Or all the bonehead moves in sport, this
would have to be the worst, why would you
 move a sports team away from a city that has
 Made that sports team. The Phoenix
are Wellington and vise versa.

They are the most passionate sport supporters
 in all of the  country, but for some reason Frank
 Van Hattum wants to move them to Auckland.

I dont see how he could do this, does NZ Soccer
 have a huge ownership in them???

You also have to ask yourself, why
Auckland? They have never supported
Football, the crowds to the major matches are
 always low.

It's a kick in the face to the good people of
Wellington, and we can only hope that common
sense will prevail.

Time will tell.

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