Saturday, May 28, 2011

Take The Red Pill?

So it has come  to this, take a Pill and you
can change the way you remember bad memories.

The drug metyrapone has been tested and is going to
to be used to help people PTSD.

That is good, but what is super scary is that it also may
be used to not only help the body in how it reacts to
bade memories, but it may also make you forget your bad
memories. Not just people who have been thru terrible
experiences, but people who just want to wipe bad

That is horrific if you ask me, I totally beleive if someone wants
to take a pill for what ever reason, that should be their right.

I for one though, would never want to wipe away a memory,
how memories make up who we are, the good and the bad,
I can understand  people who have been victims of violent crimes,
people from war or disaster zones, but wiping out memories, that
you dont like, just to have happy ones is pretty freaky.

It sounds like its out of a bad Sifi movie,
but it anit,  its real because it can make money.

Lets hope the people who take it are the people who really
need iot and not just someone who had a real bad day at
the office.

Time Will Tell.

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