Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Since Everybody Else is posting about it

I thought I would be a sheep and post about a Chicken.

Well the post is not so much about a Chicken, but more about
the marketing attemps of McDonalds to bring down the double

You see this Burger introduced to NewZealand by KFC is a
threat to McDonalds, because every male is going to want one,
and a lot of females too, I would think.

It's fatty and greasy (that's what she said) its bacon, and fried
chicken and cheese for pete's sake and its going to sell in the
bucket loads.

So what is McDonalds going to do to stop this from becoming
a runaway success, they dont have the management skills to
bring out a burger quickely, so they as always go undercover.

There is a New Zealand facebook page in support of the KFC
double down, and  McDonalds has been sending their workers
to post negative reviews, this is McDonalds to a tea, despite the
billions in marketing, they feel they need to go undercover and be
negative to the competition, that is the most disgusting form of
advertising you can do IMHO.

So I'm probably one of the few people who wishes, KFC the best
with the double down, not because I own shares, not because it
would shut the media and politicans up, but it will be a big slap in
the face to Maccas and there gimmicks.

Fingers are crossed.

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