Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Most Anticipated Final Series for 20 years

And here we go!!!

I haven't looked forward to an NBA final series
this much since a certain number 23 decided to
fly thru the air and bang in six three pointers.

This promises to smash TV ratings thru the
roof, the international media is out in force,
Basketball is truly a global game now and
it's largely thanks to the forgein players
in the NBA and this year, one German
by the name of Dirk Nowitzki.

All the focus before the start of the season
was the heat and King Lebron,  a  players hated by
all (except those in Miami) and his star studded
Heat team, who people started to call the Manchester
City of Basketball for trying to buy a Championship.

During the playoffs, the focus has turned to Dallas
and  its all been Dirk, and I'm kinda guessing this final
series will be all about Dirk, which is amazing because
there is so many star players.

You have a final series that contains Dwayne Wade and
Jason Kidd and  Bibby and Bosh, you have King James
you have a owner who promised Dallas a title, you have a
owner who is trying to buy one.

All this and its going to be one German that will steal
the show his focus, his ability, his drive his professionalism
will bring the title to Dallas and he will gain his first ring.

Then again, I might have it all wrong and the Heat will
win in five.

Time will tell.

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