Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mansplaining: Worst Catchphrase Ever

There is a new catch phrase that is setting the Feminist
blogosphere a buzz. It's called "Mansplaining" it was
first used a couple of years ago, but in the past six
months it has taken off, and is widely and wrongly used
in debates.

Mansplaining means you are beginning condensing,
patronizing and feel that you are correct because you
are the man in the conversation.

How utterly ridiculous that concept is. It takes any
robust debate down to the gutter level, and is equivalent
to little kids who would scream out  "Your
an idiot" during arguments with their classmates.

 If there is a debate on any subject, it doesn't have to be
political, it could even be about Apples or Pears, if you
have a different opinion, a different point of view with
a poster, and that poster is female and you are
male, the word "MANSPLAINER" will be shouted
from the rooftops from anyone who disagrees
with your point of view.

For example just the other day there was a debate on the
always interesting "hand mirror" site, about if  the Hamilton Casino
is being honest about wanting to open 24/7 to attract high
end punters from Asia, or are they really after, the local's
money, which could lead to social economic problems.

I took the view that they are after the Visiting Asian Market,
while the poster "Stargazer" believe this wasn't the case and
they were after the local market, thus causing problems for
the local community.

Well, let the Mansplaining comments begin, apparently I was
Mansplaining, and then I was Mansplaining again by explaining
that I just have a different point of view.

Of course it wasn't a case of mansplaining, I was just
pointing out my thoughts on the subject, like the
poster "Stargazer" was pointing out their's.

I wonder how the posters would  of commented if I had
of  been a female? they couldn't use the term Mansplainer,
and that is where using the term Mansplainer falls down.

You are basically saying any male that is debating a female
on any given topic is a Mansplainer, and that is not even close to

Oh for the record, I thought the poster
"Stargazer" was male, although  it didnt matter to me what gender
she was.

It matters to some people though.


Boganette said...

This is hilarious.

A Nonny Moose said...

It's a thing of recursive beauty. Mansplaining mansplaining. I guess you'll be mansplaining that your mansplainy mansplaining isn't mansplaining at all.

Annie said...

Hysterically meta. Of course, I don't think it was meant that way but ... them's the breaks, I guess.

Brett Dale said...

Glad you got a laugh out of it, Boganette. You summed up mu My whole point over at the hand mirror to another poster on another thread when you said.

"Dude, this is a blog. It's not the Supreme Court. You have your opinion on it. I have mine. We're both entitled to form our own view on it."

And that is what I was doing on the Gambling thread there, having an opinion nothing to do with any catch phrase or any buzz word people are using on the internet.

Boganette said...
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Boganette said...

You act so oblivious and unaware Brett. I do wonder about you. Are you putting it on? Are you really this dim?

Look, you got chucked from The Hand Mirror because you give your opinion in a totally obnoxious and troll-like way, you got called on it and you still wouldn't leave it alone.

And you didn't like it, so you wrote this post.

It's pretty simple really.

As for 'mansplaining' being a buzz-word? The reason why you hear the term "mansplainer" so much is because you're one of the most perfect examples of a mansplainer actually commenting on NZ feminist blogs right now. If there was a NZ feminist dictionary under the term Mansplainer it would say: See: Brett Dale. That's how much of a rampant mansplainer you are.

You have this mentality that feminist bloggers should be thankful that you troll their sites endlessly. It's ridiculous. We don't need the traffic. We don't feel honoured that you've stopped by YET AGAIN.

You don't ever just state your opinion. You state it repeatedly, over and over again, like you want to bludgeon the poor blogger to death with it. You tell people who know far, far, far more about a subject that actually, you know better than them because you've thought about it for half a second. You constantly and consistently tell feminist bloggers that actually, you know about - insert issue that pretty much only impacts women here - and you know they're wrong. Even though they *KNOW* what it's like to be a woman and face sexism and you DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS LIKE.

That annoys people. And it REALLY annoys feminist bloggers, though it does show why we have the term mansplainer in our vocabulary and why we have to use it.

*edited because Blogger took out a bit.

Brett Dale said...


First off, after a bit of research on the internet, the term Mansplainer actually comes from an old "I love Lucy" episode from the 1950's, (not that it matters), so who ever is taking credit for it, shouldnt.

Secondly, I'm not putting anything on, this is my way of thinking.

Thirdly, I always think I'm respectful in my posts, ie: the gambling thread has nothing to do with Gender, and like I said I didn't know that stargazer was a female.

Thirdly you say I talk on subjects that people know far more than I do, well for a start that anit hard (that's what she said) and I didn't know stargazer had been involved with the gambling industry.

I dont consider any blogs to be a feminist blog or a non feminist blog, I consider them to be pieces of writing, and like the rest of the planet on the internet I put in my two cents worth.

I sometimes get the feeling that you think you are the czar of the internet, and I sometimes if Im truly honest think your a bit sexist, you have a big problem with someone who is male having a different point of view than a female on a female issue, but no problem if it was reversed.

Im guessing you have commented on male related issues in the past, but im also guessing you havent been called a womansplainer.

You say I dont know what facing sexism is like? That is crazy, you dont think guys face sexism in the work place? you dont think guys faces prejudices every day, because of their sexual orientation/ neurological disorders, weight or height issues, why do you thinks sexism only affects woman??????

Yet I see on your blog and the blogs you like, comments about all sort of guys, Nice/overweight etc etc etc.

Evey Issue impacts everybody.

When the heck have I ever said feminist should thank me.

How the heck do you know whats in my head?, How do you know where Im coming from? You have no idea, you have it so wrong.

The people I work with and know me would be shocked that you could have it so wrong.

I firmly believe if I was a female and wrote the same thing in the gambling thread, nothing would of been said, you were showing a bias.

So anyway, use the term mansplainer if ya like, but thank the GUY who came up with it in the 1950's.

As you can tell my attempt in humor is pretty poor, Im sure you will have some catchphrases to describe it.

Boganette said...

Hahaha wow. That's a massive steaming pile of mansplaining bullshit right there.

A Nonny Moose said...

Pro-tip: If you don't want to be accused of mansplaining, STOP BLOODY MANSPLAINING.

That is, learn the right moment to Shut Up and Listen.

And 'mansplaining' was created on 'I Love Lucy'? Dude, come ON. Everyone knows that the phrase is "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" *eyeroll*

Brett Dale said...

A Noony Moose:

I stand corrected.


How can I be mansplaining if I thought stargazer was a man, and its not mansplaining if a male disagrees with a male. Im just Oh hang on I think i finally get it!!!!!!!!

Brett Dale said...

Ive figured it out, its my why of writing and hows my brain is wired, heck Im doing it again arent I?

Boganette said...

You're actually digging yourself a bigger hole with the Stargazer is male so I respected him rubbish. It's not helping your cause.

You need to actually figure out what the term mansplaining is.

Might I suggest that you just chill out and instead of constantly reacting actually take a minute to sit back and think about why people have repeatedly called you - and only you - a mansplainer?

Or just continue pretending you're a victim. Whatever you think is going to help you best in the long term.

Brett Dale said...

Okay fair enough boganette, good points.

In terms of chilling out, what would your reaction be if someone asked you to chill out?

Boganette said...

"Someone" or you? I'd say if you told me to Chill Out I'd tell you to take your own advice.

Brett Dale said...


And that would be a fair reaction.