Saturday, May 21, 2011

Has The Office Jumped the Shark?

According to Ricky Gervais it has.
The finale of season seven aired in the
states last night, and it revolved around
Jim, Toby and Gabe interviewing people
for the position of Office Manager.

For the last few weeks NBC has been
promoting the finale to the public as the
episode where you find out who will
over take Michael as Boss.

They of course bought in the big stars,
Ray Ramano, Will Arnett, Catherine
Tate, Ricky Gervais, Warren Buffett
and James Spader who was the only guest
star that was funny.

Not only did it fall flat, but no descion was
made made who would become boss, and it
wasn't like a big cliffhanger either, you were
just left with an empty, "Oh" feeling.

So is Mr Gervais right? Has it jumped the
shark? I think so.

Credd got more lines in this episode than the
entire season, The Andy and Erin story is dragging,
Pam has acted like a witch the entire season, Angela
is just plain boring and they are making Kevin, Homer
Simpson thick.

The writers could do so much better with Andy and Creed.
They still have Jim and Ryan right though, so that's one thin.

But with rumors that Catherine Tate is going to take over
from Steve Carell well that's the biggest nail in any coffin
in history. I don't see this show lasting a whole season,
next season will be canceled half way through IMHO.

If the writers decided to make Darrell the boss, and focus on
some Ryan storylines, make Dwight slightly more Human,put
Andy and Erin together, give Creed more airtime, then maybe
the show can be saved, but I anit holding my breath after last
night's finale.

Time will Tell.

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