Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chris Colfer

No one does sad like Chris Colfer.

Has their even been a young actor that
can show sadness like the great Chris
Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel from Glee?

I don't think there is, sure there are actors who
can on cue, there are actors who can go from
happy to sad in a instant, but I have never seen
an actor show deep hurt like Chris.

In scenes when he is not crying, it looks like he
has been for weeks, he acts with his eyes,there
was no makeup, he may have been in the back
ground, but he stole the scene.

The 21 year old was recently on Piers Morgan
show on CNN, talking about politicians who
want to shake his hand, but will then go away
and vote against his lifestyle.

The intelligence level of this young man is through
the roof, we need more young actors like Chris
on TV and we need less of the reality show type young

Hats off to him, may he enjoy a long long career.

He deserves it.

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