Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Form

Okay I did a Blog post, there were comments and I commented
 in reply to one those comments.
Someone has now copied and pasted my comment
as a post on their blog, They didnt take credit for the
post, they added this is  a real response and im not making it up.
Is that good form??? and should they be blasting it over all social
media sites that they belong to. Im a small blogger and get 50 hits
a day, this person blogs must get several hundred to a thousand.

I just never had that happen before and wondering if it's the
norm of the blogging community.


Boganette said...

Why would I bring more attention to your blog by linking? And it's called the internet. Maybe don't say stupid things on it and it won't come back to bite you in the ass?

Brett Dale said...

I didnt expect a link, I just have never seen anyone copy and paste a post in someone's comment section on their own blog before, I have seen bits and pieces but never a whole thing, anyway I asked this question on several writing forums and they seem to all agree that its okay, so live and learn I guess.

Brett Dale said...

Its called Copyright, nothing to do with biting someone in the ass, but since
you disagree, you will have no problem with someone copying from your blog,
without credit to the author?

You cannot see the hypocrisy here?