Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paul Scholes has retired

Paul Scholes has announced his retirement from all
of Football.

Manchester United will never be the same.

Fans on Facebook and Twitter are sending in their
best wishes to one of footballer's best, a huge day in
Football and a huge day for Man United.

Man United will never be the same

What a Career!!!

Most Anticipated Final Series for 20 years

And here we go!!!

I haven't looked forward to an NBA final series
this much since a certain number 23 decided to
fly thru the air and bang in six three pointers.

This promises to smash TV ratings thru the
roof, the international media is out in force,
Basketball is truly a global game now and
it's largely thanks to the forgein players
in the NBA and this year, one German
by the name of Dirk Nowitzki.

All the focus before the start of the season
was the heat and King Lebron,  a  players hated by
all (except those in Miami) and his star studded
Heat team, who people started to call the Manchester
City of Basketball for trying to buy a Championship.

During the playoffs, the focus has turned to Dallas
and  its all been Dirk, and I'm kinda guessing this final
series will be all about Dirk, which is amazing because
there is so many star players.

You have a final series that contains Dwayne Wade and
Jason Kidd and  Bibby and Bosh, you have King James
you have a owner who promised Dallas a title, you have a
owner who is trying to buy one.

All this and its going to be one German that will steal
the show his focus, his ability, his drive his professionalism
will bring the title to Dallas and he will gain his first ring.

Then again, I might have it all wrong and the Heat will
win in five.

Time will tell.

Community Spirit at its Best

Wellington Phoenix to move to Auckland?

Say it anit so!

Or all the bonehead moves in sport, this
would have to be the worst, why would you
 move a sports team away from a city that has
 Made that sports team. The Phoenix
are Wellington and vise versa.

They are the most passionate sport supporters
 in all of the  country, but for some reason Frank
 Van Hattum wants to move them to Auckland.

I dont see how he could do this, does NZ Soccer
 have a huge ownership in them???

You also have to ask yourself, why
Auckland? They have never supported
Football, the crowds to the major matches are
 always low.

It's a kick in the face to the good people of
Wellington, and we can only hope that common
sense will prevail.

Time will tell.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Form

Okay I did a Blog post, there were comments and I commented
 in reply to one those comments.
Someone has now copied and pasted my comment
as a post on their blog, They didnt take credit for the
post, they added this is  a real response and im not making it up.
Is that good form??? and should they be blasting it over all social
media sites that they belong to. Im a small blogger and get 50 hits
a day, this person blogs must get several hundred to a thousand.

I just never had that happen before and wondering if it's the
norm of the blogging community.

It's a Miracle!!!

I finally got the right end of the stick, and
I finally figured out something!!!! It took me
a while but I got there!!!!!!

Gotta Love Calvin and Hobbes

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Take The Red Pill?

So it has come  to this, take a Pill and you
can change the way you remember bad memories.

The drug metyrapone has been tested and is going to
to be used to help people PTSD.

That is good, but what is super scary is that it also may
be used to not only help the body in how it reacts to
bade memories, but it may also make you forget your bad
memories. Not just people who have been thru terrible
experiences, but people who just want to wipe bad

That is horrific if you ask me, I totally beleive if someone wants
to take a pill for what ever reason, that should be their right.

I for one though, would never want to wipe away a memory,
how memories make up who we are, the good and the bad,
I can understand  people who have been victims of violent crimes,
people from war or disaster zones, but wiping out memories, that
you dont like, just to have happy ones is pretty freaky.

It sounds like its out of a bad Sifi movie,
but it anit,  its real because it can make money.

Lets hope the people who take it are the people who really
need iot and not just someone who had a real bad day at
the office.

Time Will Tell.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeff Conaway has Died

Jeff Conaway who is most famous for his role in Taxi, has
passed away at the age of 60 due to a drug overdose.
His role of Bobby Wheeler as a struggling actor working
as a cab driver in New York may of been overshadow by
the others stars but his performances were always brilliant.

May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey Parents, dont let your kids play in the Liquidfaction

I mean really, to the couple who let their two
kids dive into this, slide into it, throw it at each
other, rub it in each others hair, Im kinda guessing
its probably not the best thing for your kids.

Perhaps next time, your kids can play on the swings
and the slide that is just 20 feet away from this.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Has The Office Jumped the Shark?

According to Ricky Gervais it has.
The finale of season seven aired in the
states last night, and it revolved around
Jim, Toby and Gabe interviewing people
for the position of Office Manager.

For the last few weeks NBC has been
promoting the finale to the public as the
episode where you find out who will
over take Michael as Boss.

They of course bought in the big stars,
Ray Ramano, Will Arnett, Catherine
Tate, Ricky Gervais, Warren Buffett
and James Spader who was the only guest
star that was funny.

Not only did it fall flat, but no descion was
made made who would become boss, and it
wasn't like a big cliffhanger either, you were
just left with an empty, "Oh" feeling.

So is Mr Gervais right? Has it jumped the
shark? I think so.

Credd got more lines in this episode than the
entire season, The Andy and Erin story is dragging,
Pam has acted like a witch the entire season, Angela
is just plain boring and they are making Kevin, Homer
Simpson thick.

The writers could do so much better with Andy and Creed.
They still have Jim and Ryan right though, so that's one thin.

But with rumors that Catherine Tate is going to take over
from Steve Carell well that's the biggest nail in any coffin
in history. I don't see this show lasting a whole season,
next season will be canceled half way through IMHO.

If the writers decided to make Darrell the boss, and focus on
some Ryan storylines, make Dwight slightly more Human,put
Andy and Erin together, give Creed more airtime, then maybe
the show can be saved, but I anit holding my breath after last
night's finale.

Time will Tell.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks for the all comments

On my last two posts.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Other Guy

Meet the other guy. It's never about him, it will never
be about him, it will never get better for him.

Unlike that guy, he doesn't get the best service in a
restaurant, he doesn't get the promotion, he doesnt fly
thru customs, he will get the smart alec shop assistant,
 because he anit that guy. He wont be listen to in a
group discussion, his opinion will be brush off, because
he anit that guy.

He may have a neurological disorder, he may have asperger's
or autism, he may be socially awkward or suffer from various
social anxiety issues, if something goes wrong, he will get the
blame and say nothing.

He will rarely venture out, he may never get married or even
have a girlfriend, yet he will go through life trying his best, he
will work, he will make his employers and that guy
a lot of money, yet he won't get credit.

So take a thought for the other guy, he may have
quirks, he may not look like that guy, but he does
 deserve your respect.

Too bad that guy and society disagrees.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why is it always that guy?

There is a scene on the programme Boston
Legal, where Alan Shore bursts into a Partner's
meeting as they're about to vote  onwhether Brad
Chase should be become partner.

Alan Shore was incensed that his friend Jerry
Espenson wasn't put up for the position, he
looked up to the podium and  saw a
cut out of Brad's smiling face, looked at the
partners and says something along the
lines of  "Does it always have to be that guy?"

That got me thinking, Why is it always that guy?
In every aspect of life, it's always that guy.

It's always that guy who goes to a restaurant,
and gets the best table, and gets the best
service, and the best piece of steak.

It's always that guy who goes to a store in the mall, he
will get served first, he wont get a smart alec
shop assistant,  he will get the best customer
service possible.

Coming back from an overseas trip, that guy will fly
thru customs and not get picked for a routine bag

Buying Panadol from the chemist,that guy wont get asked for
ID, or the name of his G.P

Getting picked first for a team, whether it be as a
 kid on the sports field, a class room assignment,
 a  project at work, or on some lame reality
tv  show, it's always that guy.

A group of friends having a discussion,
 people will listen to that guy  first.

If different advice is handed out to
someone in trouble, it's that guys
advice they will take.

Your on a social media site, or at a dinner
party, it's always that guy's jokes that people
will laugh the  hardest at.

If that guy's got the slightest problem in his life
he will have a army of people, giving him
sympathy and telling him he's special, and every
issue in his life, is blown into a war and peace novel.

Heaven help you, if you don't like that guy, because I'm
afraid in life, it's all about him.

That guy doesn't even have any negative syndrome
 name after him, if your short, you have short guy syndrome,
if your fat, you have fat guy syndrome, if your ugly you
have ugly guy syndrome, if you write a negative blog you
have bitter guy syndrome, if you complain about that guy
you have jealous guy syndrome,  according to
another blogger there is a  "privilege denying guy", and
of course there is "nice guy syndrome", they are the
worst guys of the lot apparently, but that Guy doesn't
have a  negative syndrome, because he is that guy.

Can someone please please  tell me, why does it always have
to be that guy, or about that guy? Why is it always him?, he does
nothing special, others do better, but its always him, isn't it?

Like I said this post was written from seeing an old Boston
Legal clip, and a couple of incidents that went thru my
head after seeing that Boston legal clip. I have never figured
it out, why it  always have to be about that guy, like I said in
a previous post, this  post is not earth shattering, it's not
powerful and has no overbearing message, I just need to
know, why is it always about that guy, and why is it always
that guy?

Can someone tell me?

In a couple of days time, I will write about the other guy.
He deserves some thinking about to, I'm guessing that
guy will disagree.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The next two blog posts will be
the most important ones I have

Eight Little Notes

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garthy Goodness

Garth Brooks - More Than a Memory by taduckly_

Just something I found on the internet.

Since Everybody Else is posting about it

I thought I would be a sheep and post about a Chicken.

Well the post is not so much about a Chicken, but more about
the marketing attemps of McDonalds to bring down the double

You see this Burger introduced to NewZealand by KFC is a
threat to McDonalds, because every male is going to want one,
and a lot of females too, I would think.

It's fatty and greasy (that's what she said) its bacon, and fried
chicken and cheese for pete's sake and its going to sell in the
bucket loads.

So what is McDonalds going to do to stop this from becoming
a runaway success, they dont have the management skills to
bring out a burger quickely, so they as always go undercover.

There is a New Zealand facebook page in support of the KFC
double down, and  McDonalds has been sending their workers
to post negative reviews, this is McDonalds to a tea, despite the
billions in marketing, they feel they need to go undercover and be
negative to the competition, that is the most disgusting form of
advertising you can do IMHO.

So I'm probably one of the few people who wishes, KFC the best
with the double down, not because I own shares, not because it
would shut the media and politicans up, but it will be a big slap in
the face to Maccas and there gimmicks.

Fingers are crossed.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Still Thinking

Still thinking about my blog post that im going to
do on Sunday 15th.

Why do angry people think they are right?

It may be angry people on a reality TV show, angry people
in a restaurant, angry people at work, angry people in a
social situation, angry protesters, angry politicians why
do people who get very angry and abusive in their views
think they are right.

Why do they think just because they are showing angry or
spouting off a few expletives that their point of view is right.

A blogger for the Washington Post got it right, he mentioned
the people in his office, the ones who yell and scream and
say "they take no sh*t from nobody" are ones who are actually
giving it out and are the problem.

I'm not writing this post because of a work related Issue, I'm
just flawed that the bullies of this world will always play the
victim and always think that they are right and their behaviour
is okay, when it isn't.

Yet no one calls them out on it?

Strange huh!

Hypocrite of the Year Award

Goes to Sue Bradford for not speaking out about
the bully boy tactics of Hone and his family at the
weekend's Hui.

How can anyone respect, Locke and Bradford or Minto
they may come under the guise of being the friendly stand up
for your rights type politicians/activists, but they are the biggest
hypocrites on the face of the planet for not speaking up against
the bully type tactics of Hone and his family, I guess in Locke’s,
Bradford’s and Minto’s world its okay to be a bully if you have
the same ideology that they do.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Working On My Most Important Blog Piece

Well it's important to me, the thought
has been going through my head again
and again and I'm guessing will go through
my head again.

The blog piece will be written probably on Sunday
the 15th May New Zealand time, it's not powerful,
it has no overpowering message, it's just a thought
that has gone through my head most my life I guess.

There will probably be other blog posts written in
the mean time, but this one I just cant get out of
my head, and it's simple really, the idea came to
me watching one of James Spader's speeches
from a  Boston legal clip on the web  and also going
to a friend's facebook page and seeing one of their friends.

Anyway, I better get thinking because I want to
do it right.

Time will tell.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

That's What She Said

Now that Michael Scott has left the Office, we say goodbye
to one of the all time classic jokes, "That's what she said". This
joke had  double ended sword, it was funny, ambiguous and
the humor also came from it not being funny and being said at
the worst possible times.

Of course like all good office fans, I had to use the
 jokes, but it couldn't be forced, so I waited and waited
 a few months and finally got the opportunity to use it
twice. Since this blog is not X rated, I cant tell you what i
 said, but it had something to do with a computerized snake
and the other time, when a colleague said thanks for coming.

Anyway with Michael Scott gone the office will no longer use this
classic joke, which is a shame really, but hey, we can all do our
bit by keeping this joke alive and well for generations of office
workers, factory workers, hospitality workers, etc etc etc.

That's what I say.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What are some people Thinking?

Most the world's politician's have rightly congratulated
the Navy Seals and the USA for taking out Bin Laden the
world's most wanted terrorist and a man responsible for
the deaths of thousands thru numerous terror attacks.

It's quite sad though, that some people are so venomous
in their hatred for the USA, that they are celebrating the
life of Bin laden saying he was a freedom fighter.

One such politician here in NewZealand, says we
should celebrated his achievements, are people that
deeply trenched in their own ideology that  they
would celebrate a murderer's life, and not
the fact that thousands of people will be
thinking of their love ones who were killed because
of this man.

Why oh why, also does this politician's supporters
agree with him, aren't they able to think for themselves?, could
he just about come out and say anything and
because hes on the same spectrum in some
of his views they will support him.

No matter what Race, Gender, Religion, or no
matter where you stand politically, when a
terrorist who caused the deaths of thousands, when
a man who has caused thousands of families to
grieve, when a man who has made so many people
suffered is killed, you don't celebrated him and
say he achieved a lot, in all honesty you must be pretty
fucked up to do that.

It would seem there are still people like that in
NewZealand though.

Here's hoping this politican will be
voted out.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011


A great day for America and the world and
thoughts go out  to all his victims at this point.