Saturday, February 12, 2011

All Whites Win Big at Halbergs

Congrats to the All Whites for winning big at
the Halbergs, taking out team of the year, moment
of the year, coach of the year, and the supreme

Football is the worlds biggest sport,
and they deserved all the praise they received
for shocking the world by drawing with Italy.

As expected the Rugby Union loving morons
living in the dark ages had to complain that
their precious sport wasn't in the spot light
for two minutes.

Taylor, your a dick, its no surprise that
the people who were most complaining were
the people involved with Rugby union.

But nothing can take away from what the
All Whites did, not our media, not the rugby
heads, nobody, not since the Tall Blacks won
a few years back have the Halbergs got it
so right.

Football in NewZealand is now here to
stay, and nothing can change that.

Well done to all followers of the All Whites.


Anonymous said...

Sorry bumboy soccer still a minority sport here in NZ. Winning a Halberg doesn't mean shit. All Whites can't even sell out a bloody game post world cup (biggest global comp) & you still believe soccer is even close to Rugby in this country. Dream on pinhead your anti-rugby crap really just shows you are a poofter. hahahaha

Brett Dale said...

How about posting under your name. Yes rugby is bigger in NZ, but outside our country its nothing.

Please don't use homophobic terms on this blog either.

brent said...
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brent said...

In a land of the All Blacks it is a little bemusing that a sports team can win one game all year and get the top national sports award... but then this is not the US where they don't have the word 'Draw' in their sporting vocab, except the NSL. Of course this year is a RWC year, if the ABs win then its a formality (Halberg), if they lose then we all slit our wrists (apparently). When the French beat the ABs in 1999 & 2007 I hope they won an award !

MikeySmokes said...

You mention "Rugby Morons" etc but the only real name calling I have heard is from soccer people.
Im not an ardent Rugby fan and to me its not a rugby V soccer debate. Its about rewarding sporting excellence, 1 from 9 in 2010 isnt excellence

Brett Dale said...

Hey there, most the negative comments I have heard against the all whites, have been from rugby people, I heard the same when the tall blacks made the semis of the 2002 world champs.

I believe drawing with italy at the world cup earned them the halberg.

Anonymous said...

How can you assume its rugby people complaining when the All Blacks hardly ever win the Halbergs. Adam Parore & Mahe Drysdale disagree with the win & you think its rugby people complaining. Get over it build a bridge or something.

“I believe drawing with italy at the world cup earned them the halberg”

Oh please, the all whites should have won that game or at least played to win. Instead we sat back on our own half for the majority of the game & accepted a draw. Pathetic really considering the Italy goal was from a Hollywood diver & their world champion status was 4 years ago. Did they play to their full potential or did everything they could to win that game? I could go on & state other reasons why they didn’t deserve the halberg.
What they should get is a tap on the back for a job well done & encouragement for them to qualify for the next world cup. By that time at least a win in group stages or qualifying for the 2nd round should be their goal. If that would to happen then a halberg well deserved rather than a parade & halberg for attendance & 3 draws!

Brett Dale said...

I dont think people in New Zealand realize is how hard it is to win at soccer, that is why the all whites and the tall blacks have to be celebrated.

If Rugby and Netball were as popular worldwide as Soccer and Basketball, The silver ferns and the all blacks wouldnt have winning records.

MikeySmokes said...

I tend to think that without the All Blacks New Zealand would be another Scotland, Ireland or Wales. Mediocre sporting nations that achieve very little.
Elite sport is all about excellence and achieving, not qualifying and not getting dicked