Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things You Will Never Hear

"And the Halbergs goes to the Blackcaps"

I have seen the blackcaps get beaten by more, I have
seen the blackcaps go out to worse shots, I have seen us
go out for lower scores.

Never in my life following cricket have I seen a worse
run chase, what were the players thinking??
Did it come across on TV, all the people booing
oram, he was getting it from everybody?

Whos idea was it to put woodcook ahead
of Southee and Mills?

Most appalling run chase in history.
Thankyou, Oram, Southee and Mills for ruining my
saturday night.

This game also showed there is a hell of a difference
of being a good first class cricketer in NewZealand
and  being  a international player, the sad thing is the
pakis arent that great.

Will we win the world Cup, we don't need time to tell,
I can tell you now, we wont.

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