Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steve Carell Quits the Office before the season ends

Steve Carell will leave the Office before the last episode of the
current season.

The last few episodes according to the Huffington Post will
centre on who will over take his job as office manager of the
Dunder Mifflin paper company.

While the English version of the office couldn't survive with out
David Brent, the American Office can thanks to a very strong
supporting cast.

I think this is a bold move by the writers, Carell was always going
to leave after this seventh season and I guess most people were
expecting it would of been in the last scene, but no Michael Scott
will be packing his bags slightly earlier, we can only hope it will be
in the arms of Holly.

So where to now for The Office? I hope they don't bring in a new
replacement for Michael and the top job goes internal, I think Andy
Bernard or the Nard Dog gets it, having Jim or Dwight  wouldn't
work, Dwight is best as Assistant Regional Manager or I should
say, Assistant to the Regional Manager, and Jim and is
best harrasing Dwight and supporting Pam.

The Office will survive without Steve Carell's Michael
Scott, its supporting cast is just good for it not too.

So we bid a sad goodbye to Michael Scott, he was nerdy
he was geeky, but he was the boss you didnt want, but you
really did, and you really wanted him to succeed.

That's what I said.

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