Friday, January 21, 2011

Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Saddam Hussein

Sacha Baron Cohen will play Saddam Hussein in a comedy
which is a spoof on the Late Saddam's own book when he protyaed
himself as a genius and a great leader.

This has the makings of his best work yet, this has the making of
something special, Borat and Bruno were works of art that played
on people prejudices, and Sacha is smart enough to read the actual
book, which he would do with Saddam's own words is anybody guess,
but one thing is for certain, it's going to be funny.

Time will tell.


Syneloi said...

Pozdrawia Ciebie Grzegorz z Warszawy prosząc o pomoc ponieważ w swoim kraju jest prześladowany i okradany z środków do życia w tym usiłowano go zmusić do pedofilii z dziećmi wyglądającymi na dorosłe osoby, które posiadały fałszywe dokumenty.

Brett Dale said...

Not sure what you are saying, because I don't speak the language that you have written in.