Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was Robbed

Once again the Oscars has got it wrong.

First off they should of nominated Nolan as best
director for Inception, they shouldn't have nominated
The Kings Speech for best picture (How ordinary is
that, I mean can they get any more cliche, than voting
for a art movie set in the past about a historical figure,
movies arent suppose to be docos you have to watch
at school, they should be an escape

Then there was the fuss about The Social network, a
movie that makes the real life bad guy into someone
good and the good guy, into someone bad, someone
must have friends in Hollywood I think.

But the biggest snub has to be the brilliant Joseph Gordon
Levitt missing out on best supporting actor in Inception,
his performance is this amazing picture was beyond belief,
he at least deserve a nomination.

Here's hoping he will have a long career, whether the Oscars
give him credit or not.

Time will tell.

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