Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner to Use Inception Defense

President Obama is seen here paying his respect to the
victims of the Arizona Massacre.

It would appear that Jared Lee Loughner is using the
Inception defense. If it lawyers goes down this road it
will turn the trail into something like an episode of 
Boston Legal.

To defend a man who went on a serial rampage taking
several lifes and to make light of this by using the Inception
defense is not clever thinking, its not being a great lawyer, its
a stunt to try and get his client.

People who lucid dream, know the difference between a dream
and reality, and when they do dream I'm guessing it's more about
going to a peaceful place not causing harm to others.

I'm not sure how the law works in the USA, but I hope the Judge
doesn't allow it.

Time well tell.

On a different note it was nice to See President Obama give a
wonderful speech about coming together and stopping the hate
and it was sad again to see Palin using this to repeat her mantra
that the media is against her, surly the GOP has better people
in 2012, for their sake I hope they do, and for the sake of the
victims of Jared I hope thee rumours of the Inception defense is
false, time will also tell for this.

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