Monday, January 10, 2011

The Halbergs Awards

The Halberg awards got it mostly right with their
Nominations. The All Whites (New Zealand Football Team)
The Kiwis (NewZealand's Rugby League team) and our
Rowers had to be Nominated, they were far above any
other New Zealand Team in 2010.

Where they got it wrong was The Tall Blacks (New Zealand's
Basketball Team) missing out, making the playoffs at the world
champs and beating Russia and France along the way was
freakin brilliant.

Nominating The Silver Ferns and the All Blacks was just plain stupid
and was a suck up to those sports and their supporters. Also how
does Gordon Tietjens always get a Nod???

Coach of the year has to be Ricki Herbert, sportsperson has to
be Ryan Nelsen.

The moment of the year is voted by the fans, this
is  where Chief Judge Brendan Telfer has been manipulative
in trying to get the public to vote for his precious
Silver Ferns over the more deserving All Whites.

This is such an important Halbergs, the judges have
to prove they have some decency and honesty, and
more importantly the public has to prove to the judges
that they don't buy their BS anymore.

Believe me, the History of New Zealand sport is at
sake. Which way will we go?

Time will tell.

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Gary said...

I just found your blog and am having a hard time not commenting on everything :-)

Thank you for having such a strong opinion. Gives me food for thought.

Gary Stone