Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daniel Vettori catches Fleming Disease

Unlike the Blackcaps who can't catch anything, Daniel
Vettori has caught Fleming Disease. This horrific condition
causes once great men to talk BS in interviews, make excuses
and generally perform below yours or anyones standards.

The disease is named after former New Zealand cricket captain,
Stephen Fleming who talked BS made excuses and played
below what he could of done.

Doctors were unsure if Daniel Vettori had this disease until he
uttered those fatal words, "We have to be more consistent"
This is the catchphrase of any one with Fleming Disease, Stephen
once said it over 20 times in one series which was lost 2-0.

Now it would seem the once great, Daniel Vettori has it, fingers
are crossed that a cure can be found, but I'm afraid it might be
too late and we will hear those fatal words once again, that we
havent heard for a while and New Zealand cricket will be
worse off for it.

The only thing consistent about our cricket team is we now
have had two captains who utter this useless phrase and
that we consistently lose.

Who will be next to ctach Fleming Disease??

Time will tell.

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