Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sports Predictions for 2012

My sports Prediction for 2012.

1: New Zealand will have it's best Olympics yet, with
some surprises, The Tall Blacks will not only qualify, but
win a Medal, other medal winners will of course be our
rowers, our shot putters, our field hockey players, our
female footballers, and a big upset by young  swimmer,
Sophia Batchelor

2: The Warriors win the NRL, it will be well deserved,
    and will see them treated as heroes, they will beat Manly
    in the final.

3: The Breakers will go back to back in the NBL.

4: Phoenix to make the playoffs , but get soundly beaten.

5: All Whites to have a good year as they build towards the
Confederation cup and the World Cup.

6: South Africa to bring the Blackcaps down to Earth,
but the youngsters to become International stars, Bracewell,
Williams and Boult.

7: NZ Cricket to cause outrage with their contracts by offering
Oram and Mills one, but not Bracewell and Boult.

8: The New Zealand media at the Olympics to embarrass
every Kiwi sports person there and every Kiwi watching, by
asking the International stars and our own New Zealand stars
not questions about their sport, but questions about the All
Blacks and they will also suggest that the All Blacks could
clean up every medal there is.

9: Craig Stanaway, Joesph Romanos, Andrew Saville and
Brendan Telfer to do the above, plus they will add in a
rugby reference to most  non rugby stories and they will criticize any
sport story that comes out of America.

10: The Green Bay Packers to win the Superbowl. The
Celtics to win the NBA, The Bruins to win the NHL and
the Braves to win the world series.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bye Bye 2011

Bye Bye 2011.

A year that had earthquakes, had me out scoured, and
having to move, a year that has seen a family member
being in hospital, a year where all sorts of people
called me all sorts of names, just for having an opinion,
a year that I would rather forget except for a nice wee
time in the middle of it.

Here's hoping that 2012 will be a lot better for all
of us.

Time well tell.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sporting Moment of 2011

If the New Zealand Sporting Journalistic community
had any integrity at all, the team pictured would win
the Halberg for sporting team of the year. I doubt if
they will even be nominated though.

The New Zealand men's Basketball team, (aka
the Tall Blacks) did the impossible and they won
The Stankovic Cup, by defeating powerhouse,
Russia. Along the way they beat the powerhouse
of Asian Basketball, China and the top African
team, Angola.

How a little tiny Island Nation did this, is beyond belief,
and is truly historical, this was up their with the Tall
Blacks finishing fourth at the world champs in 2002
and beating Serbia at the Olympics in 2004.

Alas though, the award will go to a team who plays
a minority sport, this because of the power of the
incestuous New Zealand sports media, that sport will win hands

But the Tall Blacks have bigger things on their mind,
a spot at the 2012 Olympics and a further place
in Basketball History.

Here's hoping the New Zealand media will join them
in their quest, but I anit holding my breath.

Monday, December 26, 2011

People who upload Christchurch Earthquake Videos to youtube

Since the September Earthquake in Christchurch, there have
been literally thousands of video uploaded from people to
youtube, they have set webcams to run 24/7 in their homes
to capture the moment a quake strikes or they have captured
the aftershocks on their cellphones.

Some provided a great historical reference to show what people
went  through during these horrific quakes, others have a voyeuristic
appeal, others show the wide range of emotions and reactions that
we all have, others make ya feel sick, the teens laughing at the fallen
buildings or the jerk who turned the camera to himself
and laughed and said "Nig**** going die"

They are part of capturing the people of chch, one that got
posted just after the aftershock on the 23rd of December
seems to be posted for the wrong reason.

I will not post a link to it, but it seems he set up his webcam
after the 5.8 and caught the one that was 6.0 80 minutes later.

The video consists of him yelling out with no real fear in his
voice "Holy Sh*t, Holy F**K, F**K, Sh*t, Holy F**K"
and then he looked directly into the camera and screamed
F**K with his hands to his face.

Now I know some people  react to fear in this way,
but this was worst acting than Rob Schneider in a
Adam Sandler movie, and IMHO worse than
the videos of the teens making light of the situation.

It seems the poster wanted to have his video go
viral and get on the telly, and he used an aftershock
to do so, heres hoping in 100 years time, youtube somehow
deletes this video and the videos that are left are the
ones with the real reactions to the tragic and awful
year that Christchurch has had.

Time will tell.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm a Cards Fan, but this is Awesome from the Bengals!

Modern Family Review: "Express Christmas"

Well I finally got around to watching the Modern Family
Christmas episode, "Express Christmas".

As usual with this third season it was ten out of ten, it was
funny, it was awkward, it had just the right amount of
sentiment at the end.

What made the episode was the unusual pairings, giving the
actors scenes with people they don't normally act with.

The storyline to the episode was that, the family couldn't be
with any other on Christmas day, so decided to have an
express christmas on the 16th.

Phil was teamed up with Manny to buy the turkey.

Gloria was teamed with Luke to find the an angel in the

Jay was teamed with Cam to wrap presents.

Haley was teamed with Claire to do shopping.

Mitchell was with Alex to find a tree.

The best pairing was Mitchell and Alex,  mainly
because they discover they are so much alike
in personality, it was also kinda sweet that Alex
stood up for her Uncle when she thought he was
a victim of homophobia.

Phil being tasered was some classic physical acting.

In the end it was kinda nice to see Jay having hired a
guy with a snow maker to make it snow for the family and
the hug between Jay and Cam was the right touch to
the show.

Once again Modern family has proved it's the best show
on television at the moment.

Hats off to them!

Friday, December 23, 2011

5.8 Christchurch Earthquake

Thoughts and wishes to the good people of Christchurch,
after another horrific earthquake today.

Reports are now coming in of another large quake.

Hope everybody is safe and sound.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boston Celtics will Win the NBA

Four more days, Four more days, Four more days.

Until the NBA season.

I'm calling it before game one, The Celtics will win
the NBA, again the talk is all about the Heat, with
the three best players on the planet, well the three
best players on the planet, couldn't stop the great
Dirk and the Mavs.

Even the Thunder is getting preseason hype.

But it will be the Celtics, a team that is always there,
a team that just plays good old fashion solid Basketball,
a team that works hard, a team that will be consistent
thru out the season.

So roll on the 2011-2012 season, four days to go.

I cannot wait.

Go Celtics!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nearly Done

And I can blog again.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Back Blogging Proper Soon

I will soon be back doing normal
blogposts, well as normal as
they can be.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a time to give up on the blackcaps

Followed them for my whole life, decided to
give up on them after the first horrible test,
and now they come back with a historic win.

Never say Never again?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blackcaps worst team ever

How can one sporting team suck so
much, how can one team be that
awful, how can one team underperform
for 20 fu*kin years.

I'm at a lost, they are just truly awful

no one comes close to this team for
sheer stupidity.

I hope Sparc cuts all funding and gives
the Blackcaps money to the TallBlacks
or the blacksticks  or any other national
sporting team.

The Blackcaps don't deserve our support.

They are dead to me.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: NBA SEASON SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BREAKING NEWS: (The players have reached an
agreement with the nba and the owners, and we have
ourselves an NBA season.)

The NBA season  will start on Xmas day, what a great
gift to Basketball fans around the world!!!!

The deal is tentative.

So get ready for King James, get for the the Celtics, get
ready  for DIRK!!!

Because folks we have ourselves some Basketball.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Zealand Versus Australia

The first of two cricket tests starts against
Australia next week, can the blackcaps finally
beat Australia in a test for the first time in around
17 years. Thats a long wait between drinks.

There will be big issues for New Zealand, Jesse
Ryder and Brendan McCullum's weight problem,
Vettori lack of wickets, and the fact that we might
not have the bowlers to take 20 wickets.

Australia also has their own problems, there will be
five top players not available for this series, and they
still might take us lightly.

I think this is our best chance in a long long time, so
fingers are crossed, if we don't, I think we can safety
say that it m,ay be another 17 years before we can
have a chance.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Final Election Prediction

Well here is my final election prediction which has
to be the most vile campaign in New Zealand election
history thanks to the media and the Labour party.

I predict National will win and Govern in a
coalition with the Maori party.

Below is what I think the party vote will end
up being.

National 51%
Labour 27%
Greens 9%
Maori 7%
NZfirst 3%
Act 1.5%
United 1 %
Mana .25%
Others .25%

Time will tell.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Labour Runs Most Ugly Campaign in NZ History

Never in the history of New Zealand politics has
one political party run a campaign so ugly, so dirty
so repulsive that you actually do feel physically ill.

Not even in the 1990's when Labour was
basically being controlled by Marion Hobbs, did
they run so dirty.

I have been in a totally state of shock with how the
media has let them get away with these tactics.

The pamphlets that they have sent out to single mothers
could be considered threatening and I hope after the
election the police will look into them, the heavy
handed Union tactics would make Tony Soprano
blush. The way they have just played on people's
fear about so called asset sales, the way they have
dubbed anyone not voting for Labour as unkiwi,
is beyond sickening.

Twisting the successful Rena cleanup, using the
ChCh earthquake and tragic Pike river accident
in their campaign is just so sad, preying on people's
emotions, attacking John Key and his family, becoming
personal with every interview Goff does, as seen
the Labour Party reach it's low point.

The great David Lange would be ashamed.

Infact any decent human being should be ashamed
of how they have operated in this election.

Here's hoping the public will send them a clear message,
on election day, that the NewZealand public doesn't want
to go down that road.

Time will tell.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Average to good movie, it was like,
Cspan tried to do a thriller, but it did
have a classic line in it, about blogging.

"Blogging isn't writing, its just graffiti
with punctuation"

Couldn't put it better myself.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

RIP: NZ Journalism (Election Coverage is Sh*t)

I'm calling it.

November 19th 2011, one week out from our General
Election and the most important day of the year, Journalism
in New Zealand has died.

There have been many low points throughout the year, and thru
the decades  for Journalism in this country, but there
has always been hope that it has reached it's low point,
and will bounce back, but now it's died.

What they have done in trying to protect their own,
Bradley White/Ambrose is sickening and goes beyond
anything they have attempted to do before.

To twist what this activist/militant  did (Purposely  and covertly
trying to tape the Prime Minister) is beyond
being repulsive.

To not only try to defend him, but to try and make the
Prime Minister out to be the bad guy and consistently
24/7 for over a week tell the public that they are just
trying to get to the truth, is a shot in the face to real
news reporters.

 The fact that rival outlets are standing
by each other, shows that the New Zealand Journalistic
community have and always will commit Journalistic
rape against the people of New Zealand.

This is it for them, just like with their sporting
counterparts who killed off sporting Journalism
this year, our political reporters have done the same.

Shame on you nzherald

Shame on you fairfax.

Shane on you TV3

Shame on you TVNZ

Shame on you Radio New Zealand.

Your integrity as reporters is zero.

Hell your integrity as human beings is zero.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Modern Family: "After The Fire" Review

It just gets better and better, I have blogged with
reviews of Modern Family before, and every single
time the show just gets funnier and cleverer and
warmer as it goes on.

Tonight's episode was titled "After the Fire" and
revolved everyone helping out a neighbor family
after their house burns down, that family is not
seen in this episode.

So many one liners tonight, so many visuals scenes,
and once again it's the kids that are stealing the show.

Alex had the line of the episode telling Hayley after she
confronted nerd bullies, who were picking on Luke and
Manny that "You have your fans, I have mine and your
fans will be working for mine someday"

Although Luke Line's  "I hope you like taxes" in reply
to Manny wanting to walk to Canada was a classic.

The warmth of the show came from the family getting
together and helping out a neighbour.

The Phil giving Jay a massage, and Jay a massage
had me in tears, and the wires getting crossed was
a nice touch, lets hope that Phil takes up the new

Cam was again funny, although I think the Claire story
line was good but not as strong as the rest of the

Again ten out of ten for this episode, best episode
of the season so far, and I would say an all time

Hats off to the entire cast and crew.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hypocrite's Life Time Achievement Award to the Minto's

John Minto and his wife surly have to get a lifetime
 achievement award for being  hypocrites.

A bunch of little kids went Halloweening and
went to John Minto and his wife's house.

The sound of disgust in John Minto's wifes voice and
I would go as far to say the cruel nature in the way she
spoke, could of not been played better in a horror

She told the kids in a chilling voice "You dont have to
knock six times, byeeeeeeee"

If I was one of those kids I would of said something like
"And your husband doesn't have to yell at abuse at
tennis players for six hours"


"Yeah because someone annoying you and disturbing your
peace is really really wrong, isnt it?"

I mean they were kids, and because they were
celebrating an American holiday, the Minto's
had to show disgust for it.

As a preadolescent I use to love what Minto
did in fighting apartheid, but then I came to
realize that he couldn't care less about equal
rights or peace, it's his own political viewpoint
extreme socialism and a pure hate for the West
and America that drives him.

Which is why I think they must have a life time
achievement award for being Hypocrites, they
also have a superiority complex, Mrs Minto
sounded like she was in shock and these kids
had done something horribly wrong to her and
her husband, but hey she has the right to disturb
and disrupt anyone she likes.

Mr and Mrs Minto are Hypocrites of the worst kind.
Thus they have earned a life time achievement award.

Heres hoping the little kids got a lot of yummy candy from
other politicians.

(The kids were filmed by tv3 to see what politicians
would give out candy and what ones wouldn't)

Welcome to Tabloid Journalism, Mr Duncan Garner

Welcome to Tabloid Journalism, Mr Duncan Garner,
you have chosen your path,  and now it's all downhill
from here.

This election campaign  has been amazing, the left
wing politicians have been making it personal, while
the right wing politicians have been talking policies.

It's been the media though that has a big black eye,
form the covert taping by Bradley Ambrose, formerly
known as Brad White, to TV3's Duncan Garner who
has an opportunity to ask Prime Minister Key some
serious questions on some serious issues, instead
he wanted to know about  the tea pot tapes.

Prime Minister Key told him he wont be answering
questions about that, Duncan Garner asked again,
he told him again, he wont be answering questions
about them, Duncan Garner kept repeatedly asking
the questions, every time Prime Minister was polite
in his answer.

Still Duncan Garner kept asking, until Prime Minister
Key had enough and just walked out.

Hats off to Key for this, the public want to know
about the issues, not what's on a recording advice.

In a couple of weeks, John Key will probably still
be Prime Minister, and Duncan Garner well, will
probably be getting offers from E on Line or
the Sun newspaper.

Lets hope he leaves and takes up their offers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


That's it, the players have called Stern's bluff and he
wasn't bluffing.

Who the heck was advising these guys, to risk millions
of dollars just to get a few more was crazy, and now
fans are going to be left without an NBA season.

The players are in for a shock, if it wasn't a recession,
they may of gotten public support, but with people
struggling, they will find it hard to give sympathy to
players who wanted to add some cash to their
11-15 million a year salaries.

Heres hoping over the next year they will have time
to think very hard.

Time will tell.

Monday, November 14, 2011

If Zac Guildford was a Rugby League Player

TVNZ: Another blackeye for the sport
of Rugby League today as more thuggish
behavior from a code that has it's fair share
of ugly incidents. When will Rugby league
players stop abusing and assaulting people
and should the game be banned in some schools
so the code can finally learn its lesson.

Brendan Telfer: This is animal type behavior
it just doesn't belong, what parent would want
their kid to play that game, throw him in jail,
throw the lot in jail, he's an adult and there
should be no excuse for his behavior. His
contract must be torn up.

TV3: A terrible year for Rugby League has
just got worse, a year that saw its players
getting drunk, smashing up hotel rooms and
assaulting innocent members of the public, now has the
drunken lout Zac Guildford embarrassing
himself and his country and ruined a family's
wedding. Make no mistake its not a problem
with booze he has, it's a problem with acting human,
like all league players he is a disgrace.

NZHerald: Has Rugby league player Zac
Guilford finally killed off the sport of rugby league?
This repulsive, disgusting behavior is not acceptable
in this day and age and no excuse can be made, to
blame the booze is just another excuse from the
heads of Rugby League to shift the blame, and
the public shouldn't accept it anymore.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Did Bradley Ambrose covertly tape Prime Minister Key?


(December 6th, put back Original photo since, copywrite
claimant provided no proof that they were the original
owner of the photo,  and just called themselves, anonymous)

(Update July 11th replaced old photo with new photo
of Bradley Ambrose)

(Update april 11th, I have removed a photo, over a claim
of copy write, I will now no longer remove anything from
this blog, if it's asked as "anonymous")

It would appear that the Journo who covertly audio
taped Prime Minister Key and John Banks was Bradley
Ambrose according to some Bloggers.

Some may say this is great Journalism, some may say it
belongs in the gutter with the tabloid press.

Here is my problem with Bradley Ambrose, he hasn't
came out and admit what he did, but he hasn't denied it.

Now that would be bad enough, but the herald is now saying
it was a complete accident and the reporter didn't know
that he was secretly recording the Prime Minister.

For me this goes beyond being sinister, to place a device and
record it and then say it was an accident is terrible and a slap
in the face to Journalism.

Several surveillance experts have came out and suggested that
its not cemented in reality that he didn't know he was recording.
In fact there is not one surveillance expert that has come out
and supported the so called  anonymous reporter's theory.

My advice to Bradley Ambrose would be to confirm or
deny that it's him.

Time will tell.
(This post has been edited thanks to information in
the comments about the time of a post Bradley made on
his facebook)

Martin Devlin on Female Sport

Martin Devlin recently made some
comments on 'Radio Live" about
female sports and female football.

He stated that female goalkeepers
normally dive once the ball is in
the back of the net, he made several
other comments that not only don't
belong in this decade but any decade.

I wish he had of seen a poster I saw of
the great Mia Hamm, it had the words..


Thought that was pretty good myself, Im kinda
guessing Martin Devlin wouldn't like it though.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Stern has to do

Release a press statement, saying the NBA has more
than address all issues concerns, cancel the season,
tell the players you can bargin for next season, but the
NBA bottom line is now 60-40 for revenue sharing and
if that is not acceptable, we will just bring in some players
from Europe to play in the 2012-2013 season.

If the players currently in the NBA think they can make
15-20 million a year playing outside the USA, then go
for it.

Canterbury Rams giving it to the Saints

It may be over 20 years ago, but I remember that
exact play in this video from between 25 seconds
and 35 seconds of this video.

Canterbury Rams Win 1989 Final

With Kenny Perkins, Kendrick Perkins's dad as the MVP.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kendrick Perkins Dad in the 1980's

Kendrick Perkins Dad was pretty awesome himself
at Basketball. Here he is playing for in the New Zealand
basketball league in the 1980's for The Canterbury Rams.

NBA Talks Hit Eight Hours Today

Talks are in their eight hour as of writing this, and
today could be the day, when we are finally told,
that if there is going to be an NBA season or not.

I sincerely hope, if a agreement is not reached in
the next few hours, that the greatest commissioner in
sports, David Stern cancels the season, tells the players,
come back next year and we will talk, and by the way
our new bottom line is 60-40 of Revenue goes to the
Franchises, NBA and Owners.

There isnt a professional sport on the face of the Planet
that has offered their players such a great deal, 50-50
revenue sharing is unheard of, but it doesn't seem to be

On the other hand Heres hoping the players will take the deal,
 and here's hoping the Owners and franchises treat them
 like the stars that they are, and not money making machines.

Time well tell.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Two weeks ago it seemed that the NBA season would be
saved,  and would start in December. Well the players
have double dribbled this one, not accepting the NBA's
deal of 51% of revenue for them.

The players wanted more, but Im afraid for them, David
Stern wont be blackmailed.

If the players don't except a deal by Wednesday USA time,
the offer goes down to 47% and Stern IMHO will cancel the
season and put in a huge salary cap.

So King James and Mr Bryant enjoy playing in Europe,
Australia, Asian, South American and perhaps New Zealand
for the next few months, and start saving those pennies.

Great for International Basketball. Sad for NBA fans.

I have mixed feelings.

Time will tell, in about 24 hours we will know.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dr Conrad Murray Guilty

Dr Conrad Murray has been found guilty of
involuntary manslaughter.

Now I wasn't part of the jury, so I didn't see all of
the evidence, but Im kinda guessing if the victim wasn't
Michael Jackson, there wouldn't be a trial and there
certainly wouldn't be a bunch of muppets cheering the verdict,
what do they expect?, that the Ghost of Michael Jackson will
come and sing Thriller to them.

The thing that got me, was not the verdict though,
but the fact that the Judge remanded Dr Murray and
didn't give him bail before sentencing because the
Judge thought he would be a threat to public safety.

A threat to public safety?????? Is he kidding me???
Does he think Dr Murray is going to run around
LA with a bottle of propofol in his hand.

Like I said, I'm not sure if the verdict is correct, it
could be, but the lesson I learned from this is, OJ
was damn lucky that he wasn't charged with murdering
people that were famous.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cards Win Cards Win Cards Win

If it's good enough for Clint

It should be good enough for everybody.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Steve Williams is a Racist Idiot

Not all idiots are racists. But all racists are

Former caddie for Tiger Woods, kiwi Steve Williams
made a racial and violent slur at an award dinner for

Steve's career as a caddie is now over and rightly so.
What the heck was he thinking? How can anyone be
so stupid, and how can anyone in the year 2011 be
a racist?

There might be some debate, on what is racist? but
there can be no doubt saying what he said is racist.

What should happen to him?? Well the PGA will
drop him that's for sure, he wont even get a caddie's
job on the European tour, he will loss sponsorship
for his saloon car driving here in New Zealand.

For his own sake, I hope he saved his pennies, because
he's going find it hard to earn some more, after last night.

Long may he stay out of the public eye.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Office: "Doomsday" Review

Best episode of the season so far, in fact this may save
The Office, it was that good, I would say one of the
best Office episodes ever.

Doomsday revolved around Dwight inventing
a computer program, that would send out an
email to Robert California if five mistakes are
made in one day.

A side story was Gabe trying to date the new warehouse
worker, with Daryl  also thinking he has a chance, it
turns out she doesn't date co workers. Gabe's pathetic
attempt to make her laugh, and Daryl's disappointment
came across as genuine.

The main story line was actually quite sweet, while all
the office was against Dwight's plan, Kevin wanted to
hit him over the head with a frying Pan, Jim's poor
attempt in trying to guess his password, and Kelly's screaming
at him to stop the email being sent out, it was Pam's genuine
kindness that made the episode.

She sent everybody out to Dwight's farm and had faith in
Dwight that he wouldn't sent out the email, because despite
Dwight being Dwight he actually likes his coworkers.

She was right, Dwight's little speech at the end, summed up
his true feelings, that he does care for these people.

The episode was perfect, ten out of ten.

Well done to the Office!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Modern Family: "Treehouse" Review

It's very rare for a show to improve each episode, season
after season, but Modern Family is a rare and special

Tonight's episode was called "Treehouse" and centered
around four storylines, Jay and Gloria go dancing, Cam
makes a bet that he can get a woman's number, Phil
build's a tree house for Luke and Julia trying to teach Haley
a lesson, which was by far the weakest story line.

It was the Cam storyline that stole the show, trying to win
a bar bet with Mitch that he can pick up a straight woman
by acting straight had me in stitches. The bet was that the
loser had to do the laundry of the other for a month.

Cam's line "Make the seams straight like me" was the highlight
of the show. Of course the woman knew Cam was gay
all the time, but didn't let on to Mitch which was a sweet

The other sweet moment on the show came near the end,
when Phil made a new friend, his child like enjoyment in
that, left the viewer with a genuine heartfelt moment.

The Jay and Gloria storyline had it's moments, along with
the tree house being like the stairs, but this was definitely
Cam's episode.

Ten out of ten again.

Can't wait for next week.

Best show on television.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Shall Be Free


I love the USA, I love their music and I love their
sport and I love Americans. I think their country has
done more good than harm to Planet Earth.

It's getting increasingly  tiresome to having to explain to
people here in New Zealand why I like America.

I shouldn't have to offer an explantation on why I prefer
Basketball to Rugby, I shouldn't have to feel embarrassed or
explain to a Cd store clerk, why I love country music.

It's my choice, Im kiwi born and bred and I love America,
that should be enough.

Americans living in NewZealand shouldn't have to say sorry
for being American, they shouldn't have to put up with
racial abuse, they shouldn't have to put up with people
stereotyping them.

Americans living here are just as much as part of our
culture as immigrants from Samoa, England, Iran or
anywhere from around the planet.

So lets celebrate our American friends and their culture
as they celebrate our ways also, they are a unique, happy and
very generous people, long may they keep
coming to our country.

Gary Busey The Apprentice

That crazy Gary Busey is currently on New
Zealand TV screens in The Apprentice.

Gary who suffered  a brain injury in 1988, is
doing all sorts of crazy stuff on the Apprentice,
just like in his acting days.  Of course the editors
of the programme are trying to make him out
to be more crazy than he is, but it seems the
viewers are getting laughs out of his crazy antics.

Gary is showing the usual behavior patterns of
someone who is brain injured, he may look vacant,
he may say something that has nothing to do with the
conversation or the task that is going on, he may be
short tempered, but his heart's in the right place.

I say, he has the right to go on a  reality show and he
has the right to have his say, we shouldn't laugh at him
we should laugh with him, we should celebrate his
differences, the guy cheated death, he should be

Stand up and cheer him on, listen to Randy Newman's
classic song, "I'm Different" and think of Gary.

He is not a bully, he doesn't have a ego, he is just

Lets hope there is a little bit of Gary Busey in all of

We could all do with a bit of crazy in our life's.

New Zealand 275/3 Day One

The Blackcaps had a great day of the first test
against Zimbabwe, scoring 275/3 with Marty Guptill
scoring a test century.

The only sour note was Jess Ryder (Pictured), opps
I mean Brendan McCullum playing on with only 14
runs to his name.

The pitch is playing flat and slow, and there shouldn't be
any reason at all for New Zealand to make less than
500 runs, then it will be up to the magic of Vettori, to
spin us to victory.

The stage is set on day 2 for Taylor not only to get
his century, but a double century.

Fingers and toes are crossed.

Time will tell.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Phil Goff Debate Disaster

The first debate between Labour Leader Phil Goff and
Prime Minister John Key took place tonight, and Phil
Goff made some huge tactical mistakes.

He had to lose his wimpy image while sticking to the
issues, he went about it the wrong way. In interviews
before this debate, he said he wont play the person
but he will stick to labour policies.

He did the opposite, every time Prime Minister John
Key talked, Goff interrupted him and attacked him and
National. Key remained cool and calm thruout, and gave
out stats and hard data for his view point.

One may even say, Key Played Goff perfectly, he went
fishing, Goff bit, and Key reeled him in with calm answers.

I'm not a political person, but Key's ideas seem better,
and Goff came across as old Labour.

It wasn't a huge knockout, 60-40 to Key I would say,
but it could of been a lot better for the people of
New Zealand if Goff had of known, how to debate.

He doesn't.

Round one to National.

They are looking like a two term Government.

Time will tell.

Jesse Ryder Injured Again

Seriously Jesse?

Your injured again?? This time a right calf strain?

Do you think that perhaps if you actually trained during
the off season instead of eating a ton of McNuggets.
you might of avoided injury.

Shame on NewZealand cricket, for offering this guy
a contract, shame on New Zealand cricket for
giving  Ryder so many one last chances.

Also shame on the public for thinking it's  a bit of
a laugh having an out of shape sportsperson in
our national team.

I'm kinda guessing Ryder will be injured for a long time,
then when the ICL comes around, he will be fit again, and
will ask NZ Cricket for another contract.

He doesn't deserve one.

Lets hope he has played his last match for his country.

Time will tell.

NBA No Full Season BUT...

There won't be a full regular 82 game season, BUT
there will be an NBA season, players, owners, and
the NBA itself are ready to sign on the dotted line, after
123 days of negotiation.

Basketball fans can rejoice and  an announcement will be
made this week with the season starting in December.
How's that for a Christmas present to global sporting

The season may be a sixty game season, which means
not a long on harm has been done to the world's second
most popular sport.

Again, I cannot wait, the players must be itching to get
back into action, I know the fans are!!!!

Roll on December!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The 2011/2012 NBA season is to be saved. A deal is about
to be reached, this means the season will go ahead.

Dirk has reason to be happy and so do all the rest of the
International stars of Basketball in the world's second most
 popular sport.

With the Olympics coming up next year also, it will be great
that the players will get to play in the league in the world as
a buildup.

With now over 100 international players in the NBA this
comp has a truly global reach, that other sports outside
Football can only dream about.

So get ready for King Lebron and Dirk, get ready for the
most alethic sports stars on the planet. The NBA is back.

The announcement should be made on Thursday/Friday.

I love this game!