Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Do Bloggers Call themselves Writers?

I was going to call the title of this post, Bloggers versus writers,
but the main point of this post is not to comment on any sort of
war between internet bloggers and actual writers, it's really to
comment on the incestuous relationship some journalists have
with the blogging community and how it borders on manipulation.

First off it's my viewer that a writer is actually someone who has
been published by the legitimate print media, a publishing company,
has written work available to purchase whether it be fiction or nonfiction.

I could call myself a basketballer but unless Im on team, going thru
bloody nose lane everynight, it would probably be a lie to do so.
I would never call myself a writer, just like I'm sure there wouldn't
be waiters or waiteress who really call themselves actors or actresses.

Anyone who watches the brilliant family guy, would love the countless
comments Stewie gives to Brian on the subject.

Here is my huge problem with whats happening over the past
18 or so months, the mainstream media has been calling bloggers
writers, imho this leads to a false impression by the reader that
what you are reading has been written by someone with years
of Journalist experience.

The mainstream media has a repsonibility to inform the reader that
who they are quoting is actually a blogger and not a writer, this
hasn't been happening over the past two years.

Infact, with the MSM now all over the internet, these
Journalists have built up a relationship with bloggers and unless
they make this clear to the reader its leads to the worst case
of Journlaism possible, quoting people you know, that have your
point of view but quoting them as if they are in
a position of authority and in the know.

There have been cases, where the same Journalist has
quoted the same person on  numerous occasions, starting out
calling them a Blogger, then all of a sudden this person they are
quoting is now called a writer.

I'm guessing this gives the Journalist's arctile more credence
and the blogger more attention, this is so wrong in my opinion.

I think if your going to be a legitimate Journalist you have
to separate yourself from the blogging community you also
must let your reader know that the person your qouting is
a genuine writer, Journalist or a blogger, hopefully one day this will happen.

I ain't holding my breath though.

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