Sunday, December 26, 2010

Summer Holiday and Thoughts for 2011

I'm off on a wee Summer Holiday, back in around two weeks, I may
be able to blog a wee bit on Holiday, who knows???

Anyway it's been a heck of a year for New Zealand, we have
had Earthquakes and Aftershocks, Mine disasters, a recession,
so it hasn't been a great year for kiwis.

There have been highlights also, Our soccer team did us proud at the
world cup, our league team beat Australia, our Rowers did well, so
all that bought some great relief to the country.

We can only hope 2011 will be a great year for everybody involved,
it seems a lot of people were quite agro this year with all the stress
that had been happening, and look like they ready to explode.

A blog that I use to go to but dont anymore, ended
their last post for the year by saying "Don't Take no
Sh*t" from no Nobody" Which was quite ironic since
that blogger seemed to gave out more crrap than
they got.

I think a better statement would be, "Don't give no
sh*t to anybody" Try to understand where other
people are coming from, dont get upset at the little
things, take a few deep breathes, think of your happy
place, sure if you see an injustice, stand up for the little
guy, If you see BS happening become passionate and
get your point of view out there, (Heck I have done this
myself with what our sports media have done) but name
calling, screaming, being abusive probably isnt the right way
to go about things, as they lifes too short to get angry over
things you dont have control over, trying to change
something is great, being a nasty Meany isn't.

So don't be a hypocrite, don't be a jerk, dont make
fun of people, and 2011 might be a great year for you.

My wishes for 2011 is to be safe, healthy and
happy for myself, family and Friends.

Thanks for coming to this blog, hopefully in 2011 it will be better.

Now I'm off for a beach holiday!

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