Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ricki Herbert to Appeal, NZRFU controls Phoenix Coverage?

Fans are being  urged  to show support for the Wellington Phoenix
coach by wearing a Ricki Herbert mask for the next three games.

Rick who has been banned for three weeks,
(a long time for a coach) for verbally abusing a ref, in
what has to be the worst desicion in a long for the
A League.

Here's hoping there will be ten thousand Rick Herbert's
in attendance. Wellington will appeal the ban, but it's unlikely
it will be overturn, time will tell.

My final thoughts on the game, and this
came to me following the forum, the yellow fever,
was why did Sky Sport NOT show the yellow fever
supporters when the goal got scored, they instead
focus on some little kids.

IMHO the answer is sinister, I firmly believe this has the
finger prints of the NZRFU who is instructing the media to
try and make Football among several other sports look less
exciting by focusing on the less excited people in the crowd.

It may be a bizzare conspiracy therory, but I have seen
it happen  too many times thruout the years to think
it's just poor camerawork.

Someone is behind this, and someone wants
it to happen, so why not the NZRFU?

Just my thoughts.

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