Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Qatar Bans Gays from 2022 World Cup

What were FIFA thinking?

Not only did they give the world cup to a Nation that
has never shown an interest in Football, but that Nation
Qatar has now asked people not to have gay sex during it.

In other words, no gay people allowed,  how could FIFA
get it so wrong, surly they did thier research and knew that
being Gay in Qatar carries a five year jail sentence, but that
didn't stop them in giving Qatar sport's biggest prize.

What has left a sour taste in people's mouths  is the
most corrupt man in World sport, Sepp Blatter, giving
a speech today.

Did he condemn Qatar's homophobic stance?, was Sepp
outraged??, Did Mr Blatter suggest FIFA could change
thier mind?

No, he supported Qatar's decision  and actually ask people
going to the 2022 world cup to refrain from having gay sex.

Is he Fred Phelps in disguise? What a pathetic bigoted  corrupt
human being  Blatter is and what a insult to all football
loving people world wide, I only hope that the stars of world
footballer, speak out against this.

Perhaps Bruno can be of assistance.

Let's hope that sanity prevails and the bigots get kick out of
world football.

I anit holding my breath.

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