Monday, December 20, 2010

Nona Sivley Wins Hell's Kitchen

Nona Sivley has won the latest series of Hell's Kitchen.
In the final she beat the egotistical bully Russell Kook who
couldn't control his temper or his team of Chefs, and then
showed the world what a classless act he was by saying,
"I didn't lose it, my team lost it for me"

Chef Gordon Ramsay made the right decision, thruout
the series, Nona Sivley who improved with any service
during this season, showed her class thruout by never
bagging any chefs, always take the blame for her mistakes
and most important of all, she had an amazing Palette.

What people liked about her is, it didnt seem she wanted
a career in reality television, she wanted a job, and she
wanted to be the best.

Ramsay has got it right, and the owners of the LA market
restaurant have a winner Nona, Im guessing there is going
to be some Michelin stars coming her way.

Time will tell.

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