Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Qatar

Holy Cow, the World Cup is going to Qatar in 2022.

Who would of thought it, that a country that has
temps of 46 degrees Celsius, a country that wont
allow alcohol, a country that has never shown a love
for the wonderful sport of soccer.

A country that wont allow Israel to come if they qualify
a country that has banned meat, a country that is smaller
than a New Zealand lake, a country that is in a trouble spot
of the world, a country that was suppose to finish last in the
voting, a country that doesnt allow woman to play sport, a country
that doesn't allow woman to drive or vote.

A country that now has won the rights to host the 2022
world cup.

I hope your enjoying your new car and all those hookers and
gifts Mr Blatter, you have once again sold not only your soul
but the soul of the beautiful game.

To the peaceful people of Qatar, enjoy the cup, but please
let anyone come, regardless of their gender or religion or

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