Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Hypocrisy of Feminism

It never ceases to amaze me, the hypocrisy of feminist bloggers
in New Zealand. For the past few years bloggers on the site
"The Hand Mirror" have been and rightly so standing up for
Woman's rights in the work place and society and in everyday
life, it doesnt matter if it's religion, the school system, business,
television, radio or print media, the bloggers on the Hand Mirror
have been vocal and unforgiving when it comes to sexists practices
by ever sector on earth, except Maori sexism.

For some reason, these so called Feminists who rip
into anyone or group, have no problem with the
Maori culture telling a woman to shut up and sit at the
back because only men are allowed to talk.

I have read many interesting posts at the Hand
Mirror and  at Boganette about how they will not
any more put up with sexist crap from advertisers from
the media from religious groups from the Police from
everyday people, but when they are told they have
to sit in the back of Maree or cant go to see a
Maori statue, the comments are "Many Interesting
Issues to Discuss" or "Im looking forward to hearing
other Opinions"

So why do Feminists in New Zealand forgive
vulgar sexist practices when it comes to Culture
and not Religion?

I personally think thier  ideology outweighs their
views on woman's rights. They don't feel right as
pakeha woman to tell Maori that their culture is

I think that is wrong, just because something is
culture doesn't make it right. You can not yell abuse at
society and then just shrug your shoulders and give
culture a free pass.

It's Hypocrisy at it's worst and doesn't help the cause of woman at

Welcome to New Zealand Feminism 101.


Boganette said...

You're an idiot. I've been quoted on Stuff speaking out against sexism in Maori culture. Do your research you moron.

Brett Dale said...

Didn't know you had been quoted on stuff, I stand by my comments about the posters from the hand mirror and how they werent as outraged about sexism when it comes to culture, than they are when it comes religion or other sectors of society.

Yes I agree strongly people should do research before they make comments on other people.

Boganette said...

Brett if you're just so gosh darn concerned about sexism within Maori culture why don't you do something about it?

Since you're just such a champion for 'the cause of women'.

This is your racism masked as concern for women. It's obvious and you look like a baffoon trying to pretend it's not about that.

Brett Dale said...

I disagree, saying part of a culture is sexist is not racist.

If your going to suggest someone is a racist you really need to show a pattern of racism by that person, which you don't have, in fact I don't think you can, because of the fact there is no racist comments by me on this blog or anywhere else on the web by me.

Brett Dale said...

I dont think its racist to say, when Maori culture tells a woman she has to sit at the back and not speak because only men are allowed to talk is sexist.

If your going to call someone a racist, perhaps you need to look for a pattern and a history, of comments deemed to be racist by that person.

I doubt you could find any racist comments on this blog.

Boganette said...

I've replied to your comments on my blog Brett. I think you're a total hypocrite for having a cry about being called racist when you've called out 'feminists' without doing any research whatsoever. I've provided various links on my blog to writers in NZ talking about sexism within Maori culture. I'm sure you'll ignore them.

Brett Dale said...

Actually I will go read them.