Friday, December 24, 2010

The Halbergs

This has to be moment of the year, Team of the Year,
Coach of the Year, Player of the Year, Supreme award
of the year.

The public and the judges have to make the right decision if they dont sport will be destroyed  in New Zealand, this the ultimate test of how much power the media have over the public and what they get away with.

What the New Zealand soccer team did was amazing, to
not to lose a match on sports biggest stage was unheard of, I
was in the states for most of the tournament and in the USA,
we even made the coverage there in the papers and on the

IMHO the two biggest sporting achievements we have ever done
are the 2002 tall blacks for making the semifinals of the world
Basketball champs and the 2010 all whites not losing a game at
the world cup.

I only hope the public and media see it that way also, if
not things are going to get worse in terms of sports
Journalism in this country, but if the right thing is done,
there is hope, and it will be a massive thank you to one of
our great sports teams, and we will owe Ricki Herbet, Ryan
Nelsen, Reid and Smeltz everything.

Fingers and Toes Crossed.

Go the All Whites.

(For American readers of this Blog, the All Whites are the nickname
of our soccer team because they wear all white)

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