Saturday, December 18, 2010

Garth Brooks Two of a Kind Nashville

Surly Garth Brooks is one of a kind working on becoming a legend
in music. To comeback and to do an arena show like this, to still
have the magic, after being away for so long is special.

This show was nothing like the Wynn, which is unique and special
in itself, storytelling just one man and his guitar, this is a full show,
the band, the crowd, not only did he pull it off, but he took it further,
Garth Brooks has lost none of his ability to draw you in.

According to fans and critics from all genres off the music,
this was Garth Brooks telling the world, that he still has it, that
he is revelant to the music business, that basically he still is the
800 pound Gorilla of the music world and when he decides, to
come out of retirement in 2014, he will totally dominate the music
scene across all genres.

It couldn't happen to a nicer artist. These shows have raised $5
Million for the flood victims, his charity work since he has retired
has raised close to $100 million, he has kept his promise to his
daughters to be a stay at home dad, until the youngest leaves
home and goes off to college, he hasnt invited reality tv cameras
to film his daughters, he has kept them out of the spot light.

I am so proud of Garth, that these shows have not only
showed him as a musical genuis, but now there can be
no argument, he is truly a Legend of Country music and
will go down in music history as not only one of the greats
of country music, but one of the greats of any genre.

Thanks, Garth.

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