Saturday, December 18, 2010

Garth Brooks Nashville Concert

Glad to see people loved his show, the critics have
also been very kind from Billboard magazine,
Rollingstone magazine, ABC News to the
country media , Nashville scene, CMT and The Boot.

Not only did they call the show a roaring good
time, but went on to say Garth still has pulling power.

Was their any doubt?  It shows the measure of the
talent of the man, that even though he has been semi
retired since 2001, he can still either do a VH1
storytellers type  show but also an arena concert.

Roll on 2014, they year Garth's youngest daughter
leaves for College and the year he is suppose to come
out of retirement fully for a tour and a new studio album.

The clip is the opening of the show and a line or two
from Rodeo, I didnt take the video but it appeared on youtube.

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