Friday, December 17, 2010

Bullies on the Internet and in Life

Never ceases to amaze me, how bullies aren't self aware.

The Bullies who bullied Phoebe Prince were aware
of their actions for sure, and hopefully they will finally
have to accept responsibility for what they did.
The bullies at my school decades ago were also
aware of their bullying of a fellow student.

Then  there was two guys I worked with in the fast
food industry. One was aware of what he was
doing, the other thought we were the bullies and a bunch of
smart asses.

There's the bully type who goes into stores, and go
off at the shop assistant they deemed have done them wrong.

Then theres the internet bully, there was one guy in the
early days of usenet who started off everything sentence
speaking in the third person, and would LOL at all other
poster's thickness.

Then there is the coward type bully who needs
support of a group, this is the bully who isnt
selfaware, this is the bully who screams F you and F
this, and calls everybody else name's and calls it standing
up for themselves.

They use the usual bully tactics of accusing
people of their behavior,they shout out troll among
others things.

They use the usual bullets, by calling someone
a racist, a bad spelling and go on to tell them they
just don't get it.

Case in point, I was accused of being a troll on a
blog, by fans of this certain blogger, I was told I was
a bully and I just came there for a reaction.

I found this quite strange because my first interaction on the
net with this blogger was when I posted on fairfax's
blog, and for some reason, they felt the need to tell me, dont
post here anyomore, even they had nothing to do with
the blog, (The great Simon Sweetman's blog by the way)

My next interaction with this person was when they
came to my blog and told me they wanted links to
actual quotes.

I came across their blog by accident, thru the brilliant
The hand Mirror, but that didnt stop people on this blog
accusing me of being a troll.

So I have made a decision, to stop going to blogs
where the following happens.

The Spelling Police.
The Grammar Police.
The "Your a Racist type Poster"
Name calling.
Extreme Profanity.
Regular contributors who gang up on anyone who questions the blog

I think I will be a much happy person if I do this.

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